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Roberts Space Industries ®

Speakeasy / STARBENDER

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  • Exploration

The Speakeasy, where impaired people help one another find the bathroom


I’ll tell you what i know & what i’ve heard from my father & uncles. I’m sure other people know more…

A man named Uther started the Speakeasy (although under another name) over 50 years ago. Back then it wasn’t mobile but quietly tucked away near the bottom of the Bore Hole at Levski. Things were very different back then, management was taking advantage & dissidence was harshly squelched. Even in the pubs any perceived negativity was pounced on by the, “White Knights” who defended their employer with blind fanaticism & fear, their ears always shadow listening & their eyes looking nowhere but seeing all. Anyone spouting a perceived criticism were promptly labeled “Trolls” & ostracized mercilessly. Free thought & free speech were relative terms, no longer absolute rights.

These so called “trolls” moved ever lower into the Hole where they found equal increasing parts acceptance & danger. In these dank tunnels my grandfather carved out a spot for them. A safe place to speak their minds without fear of the Knights & Management. He served drinks & brought people together connecting them in symbiotic relationships. He named the place, calling it Torchlight. Organized groups where created here to effect change but change came on it’s own as the well dried up & Management lost interest in the Hole altogether. Uther tired of holding the walls up retired handing over the business to his son, Oden.

Oden promptly took his inheritance, sold the Torch & bought himself a used Starfarer. He converted it to a mobile Torch rechristening it the Speakeasy. Jasper ran the Speakeasy for many years & it’s name became know throughout the systems. He’d hoped to pass it along to his daughter but her husband had other interests. After leaving they soon went missing into the Void, last seen in a Freelancer. Jasper spent his remaining days widening his route ever further in hopes of finding his daughter & family. Jasper & the Speakeasy haven’t been seen for 15 years or more so far as i can tell.

That’s all i know about the Speakeasy’s history. Much of it is hearsay but i have a feeling it’s story isn’t over yet.

Thanks for noticing me, Skippy Knolland.


On this day [release day] this church is hereby consecrated the “First Church of PBR.” In celebration and recognition of the reality of certain truths: Namely that the manifest reflects, dimly as the case may be, the spirit of Christ Roberts. Anointed by backers to make manifest his singular vision of a universe of collective dreams.

PBR, Physically Based Rendering is literally the physical manifestation of the intended vision of Chris Roberts and the collective contribution of all devs (hallowed be their names.) Encoded within the sacred geometry is the essence of what is intended. Metal shines, glass reflects, heat distorts, every surface reflects it’s intended nature providing our frame of reference to transcend our illusion. Truly it is a wonder far exceeding LTI and other false gods.

By accepting this new “reality,” becoming a new “self” projected through consciousness, and incorporated into the greater whole we become more than we were and a part of something vastly superior.

Join me in embracing this new reality, become a Star Citizen in the truest sense of the label. Pay homage to PBR, Christ Roberts made manifest, and revel in high fidelity. Cast off your petty concerns for credits… stop. Feast your eyes and fill your ears. Let all your senses incorporate the instance that is.

May your imagination be rendered as accurately as possible.. PBR to you. Praise Be to Roberts.

Humble Collaborator, Starbender


Rules? Don’t waste our time with solicitation by it religious or otherwise. Security, keep walking we take care of our own. Mods don’t meddle here. Say what you will, I won’t stop you but I won’t save you either. Drink bitch & boast but remember at the end of the day if you don’t moderate yourself I can’t be blamed if fists start flying. Selling drugs.. take it outside (but that’s space you say) well out back then.