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The Star Confederation (also known as the StarConFederation, StarCon Federation, the Star Confederacy, the ConFederation, the Confederation, the Federation, StarCon or Starcon for short) is a loosely-organized coalition of planets, asteroids, and other planetary bodies, based on Xenon.


StarCon appears to stretch accross several galaxies including the Earnon Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the cesspool of the universe the Milky Way.

General Information Edit
It has what appears to be a centralized government lead by a president, It has the ability to raise taxes. The various arms of its government appear to be afflicted with different levels of corruption (such as that seen in the Pukoid incident).

StarCon Academy
It is represented by a fleet of space-faring vessels, ranging from garbage scows (such as the SCS Eureka) to heavy star-fighters (SCS Goliath). Officers in the pseudo-military organization commanding these vessels are trained at the StarCon Academy, near Xenon. Ranks in the organization range from Janitor 2nd Class to Cadet to Admiral.



Чистить там, где не ступала нога человека!

Мощные кваркоглюонные двигатели внезапно пробуждаются!!
Время и пространство начинают поддаваться под действием
мультиконнекторных трансфлексеров.
И наконец… НАКОНЕЦ
… ничего особенного не происходит.
Даже путешествия во времени, даже в таком далеком и крутом будущем,
все еще оставляет желать лучшего…
Очевидно, код был неправильным.


The powerful quad-quark drives rev to life!
Time and space bend under the fibrilations of the time rip trans-fluxers.
Your adrenalin (and stomach) reel with the hyperbolic hyperbole…!
And, finally… FINALLY
Nothing much happens.
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