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At Stargate Command, our prime directive is to support a variety of gameplay options in a family-friendly, global environment.

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The Beginning of Stargate Command

Not long after the creation of Roberts Space Industries, and in a time of great upheaval and unrest for space minded pilots and explorers everywhere, adventurous spacefarers stepped forward into the darkness of space. One such heroic group of Captains rose and would soon bear the name Stargate Command (SGC). It eventually expanded to become a great inter-system power, bearing the same values upon which it was founded, and would contain a brave breed of people from every walk of life and every race.

As the span of control increased, the most qualified Captains formed “The Council of Captains” and built the structure upon which values of mutual respect and dignity were placed in the highest regard. The ranks expanded to include new combat pilots, miners, explorers, bounty hunters, craftsmen, mechanics, merchants, and countless others. Planet by planet, faction by faction, Stargate Command took cohesive shape. The various ships, expertise, and camaraderie within the organization brought them to the very edges of known space. Then they met an old foe….the Vanduul. And the adventure continues . . .

Stargate Command – A new legend has begun!


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Stargate Command!

While we await the completion of this incredible Star Citizen game, we intend to build a large international community of members with a diverse set of gaming preferences, backgrounds and goals. Diversity breeds opportunity and creativity! As a group, let’s design our gaming experience together as we test and observe the developments along the way.

Our Invitation to Join:

Stargate Command (SGC) is currently seeking mature players, of all ages, and from all geographies, who enjoy working together as a team, exploring and colonizing new worlds, and collaboratively building an empire like none other! There will be endless opportunities to specialize and create groups with a variety of purposes and objectives, all contributing in some way to the success and mutual benefit of the empire members. But, we need your help to put it all together!

What We Have To Offer:

1. Mutual respect among all! Keeping it clean and honorable.
2. Mutual benefit. Establish, expand and protect our place in the universe.
3. Community strength. Increase our capabilities and span of control as we grow.

The Stargate Command Mission

Our mission is to build a fun, rewarding gaming experience with community responsibility and appeal. SGC is built upon a foundation of honor and respect, while embracing the creative ideas of all of our members. Thus, we intend to carve out an area where we can begin growing upon our ideals into an expansive empire with excitement and creative activity.

We Anticipate Diverse Opportunities

  • Inter-Empire Alliances & Diplomacy
  • Special Operations Teams & Specialists
  • Contract for Hire Missions
  • Rare Resource Acquisition & Transport
  • Commercial & Profiteering Opportunities
  • Science & Industry Opportunities
  • Infrastructure Expansion & Control
  • Naval & Marine Missions
  • Military Reserve
  • Elite Forces
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Organized & Freelance Exploration
  • Expansion & Border Protection Missions
  • Intelligence & Covert Operations
  • Recon Activity and Scouting
  • Anti-Piracy & Security Missions
  • Search & Rescue

Society and Economics

As an empire built upon trustworthy ideals, growth will occur by way of the honest efforts of our cooperative empire divisions and sectors. These divisions will include Military, Civilian, Administrative and Security. We anticipate flexibility to move among divisions, sectors and missions as needed, while fostering social responsibility in terms of mutual support and respect.

Our empire economy will expand as sector groups and innovative members specialize to seek out and acquire various resources, manufacture advanced products and technologies, while creating profiteering opportunities and storefronts – likely extending into universal markets. There will be opportunities with every aspect of this economic growth including mining, manufacturing, marketing, sales and logistics.

Join Us Early!

We are completing the initial design of our group structure. This is a great time to join so as to have the most influence on our game. We are considering many options already. Our website recruiting application is designed to help SGC get to know your personal game preferences, so please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts.

One Important Note: We do not endorse or participate in piracy or similar criminal activity. Stargate Command is an honorable group with trustworthy ideals. Because we intent to respect each member equally, we ask that all conversations, posts, and interaction on this site or on our TeamSpeak server be considerate and clean at all times.

Let’s build an honorable Star Citizen faction together. Stargate Command is your chance to make that happen!

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Founding Principles:
Stargate Command is an organization founded on the principles of respect for all, working as a team serving a purpose greater than just individual ambition where everyone has value to bring to the team. It is an international organization of members that span the globe. You too can make a difference!

Stargate Command provides a safe haven and zone of safe space where their presence can be found or encountered. If on the lawful end of the spectrum, you know you are among friends.


How active do I need to be?
We are an international organization that welcomes members from all backgrounds and countries. Whether an individual that plans to spend hours daily in Star Citizen or one who is only able to login a few hours a month, all are most welcome to join us.

Do you role play?
Some still feel there is a strong difference on role playing or not, but with Star Citizen…how can you play without having some of this? Timing is everything and we will likely see more of this as the larger multi-crew ships come out. Whether directing a battle or exploration mission, or simply trying to tackle a unique operation…this will definitely come into play. All are welcome, so whether you like to role play or sit quietly handling whatever task is before you…there is a place where you can make a difference!

What kinds of ships do you have?
We are a great organization with great members. Whether individually owned or assets owned by the SGC as an organization, you will find all you will need to explore, assist, or get involved with! The opportunities are great.

Do you have a specific focus?
There are some orgs that specialize in one specific element of Star Citizen (ie. slavage or transport). The SGC provides you the opportunity to do what you want to do!

Take a look:

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