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Star Phoenix Corp / STARPHX

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Founded in 2852, Star Phoenix Corporation has celebrated almost one hundred years of success. With a focus on Exploration and Research, Star Phoenix Corporation is your source to the Stars.

Join us to soar through the stars.

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Star Phoenix Corporation was founded in 2852 under the name Phoenix Industries. Through several mergers and acquisitions, Star Phoenix Corporation became what it is today. From industry and mining, to exploration and research.

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Star Phoenix Corporation is a privately owned company. Unlike other large corporations, we do not have external shareholders to cower to. Our employees are our shareholders. Our focus is to our employees way of life as we explore the stars for Humanity, and provide research on new technologies to advance our way of life.

One Team, One Corporation. Star Phoenix Corp. Soaring through the Stars.

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As with all corporations, we have an image to maintain to the galaxy as a whole. Star Phoenix Corporation strives to become a beacon to the Empire, to shape those that come after.

In Character Rules:

  1. We are not pirates. Crime does not pay, the corporation does.
  2. Employees should wear their Star Phoenix Corp uniform while working and representing the company. (Once we are able to.)

Roleplay Rules:

  1. When possible, try to stay in-character. Voice is not required, nor should anyone be forced to use if for roleplay if they do not feel comfortable doing it.
  2. Employees are allowed to do pirate actions, as long as they are aware they can’t wear StarPhx colors. If found out, IC actions may be taken.
  3. If someone does not want to roleplay, we do not force it. While we are a roleplaying organization, not everyone playing will be.

OOC Rules:

  1. When joining our discord, please change your display name to your character’s name.
  2. Follow rules listed on our website.
  3. Do not spam in game, or in discord.
  4. OOC you should treat others with respect. ICly, you play your character as your character would act.
  5. OOC does not cross over into IC, and IC does not cross over into OOC. Build a barrier between the two.