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Starwind / STARWIND

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Starwind is an interstellar logistics unlimited partnership that plies the extrasolar winds in pursuit of perfection.

Will you join us?

Paradise is only ten parsecs away.



Starwind Unlimited (Unltd.) is a Citizen-Owned Unlimited Partnership headquartered in the United Empire of Earth outer rim territories. Registered under the STARWIND trademark in 2944, the company operates as an interplanetary carrier, transporting on-demand commodity and luxury items to satisfy the ever-growing needs of its interstellar customer base.


We are the visionaries.

Every alien dawn signals Starwind’s continued pursuit of perfection as we travel the Ten Parsecs to Paradise .

We journey across weathered starlanes and star-crossed roads to chase shared visions, new opportunities, and infinite horizons, never losing sight of the north end of the universe.

Quality: In Pursuit of Perfection
At Starwind, we seek only the highest standards of customer satisfaction. “Second-best” does not exist in our corporate vernacular. “Good enough” is unsatisfactory. We strive for perfection, because our clients deserve only the finest the universe has to offer.

Opportunity: Because Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fly
Logistics is the name of the game at Starwind, and we play to win. Starwind assures its clientèle of absolute discretion for the transport of sensitive cargo and fair trade on all its goods and services.

Additionally, Starwind is an equal-opportunity employer with an executive mandate to hire only the best and brightest. Promotion and reward are guaranteed on a performance basis, regardless of gender, race, or caste. We are firm believers in meritocracy, and we practice what we preach.

Innovation: Looking Ever-Starward
At Starwind, we’re never content with the rules of the universe as they are. Every process can be improved. Every problem has a solution. Because necessity is the mother of invention, Starwind generates that need, empowering its employees to pursue creative solutions to the unlikeliest of interstellar challenges.



Our Cardinal Rule: No Innovation at the Expense of Reputation
A good name is everything at Starwind. Our well-maintained corporate standards of reputation are non-negotiable. Creative solutions must be pursued in a legal, safe environment for our employees and customers alike.

Honour: Being as Good as Your Word
The greatest price of empowerment is responsibility: Starwind employees are held to the expectation that every job is a job done well. Whether sneaking through hostile pirate kingdoms or the calm space between UEE-controlled worlds, only the successful delivery speaks volumes. You accepted the task, now get it done.

Safety: What You Don’t Know Can Get You Killed
What you don’t know can, and will hurt you. In the hard vacuum of space, it pays to be prepared for every eventuality. Take precautions, minimize risks, and bring along a wingman or extra gunner. When in doubt, speak to your closest security representative for helpful advice.

Respect: Take it Outside the Airlock
As a member of Starwind, you’re expected to show mutual respect for your clients and fellow employees. Personal arguments adhere to a zero-tolerance policy. When your blood starts to boil, check your EVA suit’s pressure for a faulty vacuum seal, take a deep breath of O2, and try to apply the golden rule.

Communication: A Two-Way Shipping Lane
Starwind believes in cutting out the middleman when it comes to communication, preferring open accountability between its employees. Our directorate remains approachable to even the lowest-level worker for constructive feedback, and encourages efficient communication between all its staff members.