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Roberts Space Industries ®


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“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. But The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” -Gontzu “sun” Stellariss

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Fragile Neutrality

STELLARISS CORP. is a Neutral UEE aligned Organization, with it’s main focus being security contracts wich include but isn’t limited to: UEE approved mercenary contracts, bounty hunting, infiltration opportunities, escort contracts, intel gather, rescue operations, etc… but does not restrict member occupations according to in-game politics. All professions are equally viable within our network and all member organizations have access to our coalition resources. Our mission at STELLARISS CORP. is to allow for all occupations to become viable for groups of all sizes.

STELLARISS CORP. has a strictly agnostic approach to direct conflict between our organization groups and members. As long as the conflict is within the context of game, involves no cheating, and does not destroy, harm, or hinder the operations of the network itself, then the dispute is expected to be resolved among the participants of the conflict.

STELLARISS CORP. doesn’t approve the acts of piracy, but allows their members to committ an unsolicited act of force, intimidation, theft, coercion, or extortion toward individuals, property, and other assets if it’s required depending on the situation at hand AND if it ends unnoticed by the UEE, it it does not, bribing is always an option.

Total Independence within the corporation

We believe that groups which are more specialized and have experience together are better and more efficient teams. This is a regular gaming community and requires STELLARISS CORP. to be set as your main organization. Our goal in STELLARISS CORP. is to create a number of smaller player organized subdivisions within the Corporation (a.k.a Squadrons) to reach the highest efficiency and performance possible within the network. The role of main members in STELLARISS CORP. is to give those who haven’t found their ideal Squadron yet the opportunity to support and strengthen the efforts of our member organizations until they find their best fit.

Foundations of Economic Prosperity

Some networks promise to work as a cartel. Cartels artificially inflate costs at the benefit of themselves and to the detriment to everyone else, essentially institutionalizing inefficiency and antagonizing neighbors. Other networks are nothing more than a list of contacts with no cohesive plan. Our meritocratic governance promotes the best candidates for their profession, and our capitalist philosophy and macroeconomic goals encourage a healthy trading environment.


STELLARISS asks only two things from its ranks: Loyalty and results. The rest is simply up to them.

Because lets be honest, you’re here for only one thing, to get the job done.