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State of Anarchy / STOAN

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Fuck your power. Fuck your fear. Fuck the system. Free the mind



_ Founded long ago to start humanity anew.
_ We have been working to save our race for as long as we can remember, but there is still much to do.
_ Star Citizen: We will dominate the necessary path it takes
_ Battlestar Galactica Online, server: Aerilon
_ Lord of the Rings Online, server: Evernight
_ War Commander on Facebook, Sector: 268


In the beginning it was man and nature living together in chaotic survival. But then man evolved and created civilization and order, and at first it was good. Still free to do as one likes, and working together for the betterment of man as a whole; and man was still human. Not long after civilization there came rulers, people used to organize the chaos of man; and man was still human. Then came laws and regulations; codes used to strip man of his natural rights; no more was man human. Unable to do as one likes, and forced to do the work of the rulers. The State of Anarchy is here to fix man’s error. We will rise and strip man of his burden of the government. We will burn it to the ground, back to the very beginning, and we will rebuild civilization. Our new society will be one where the ‘civil’ in civilization can once more mean ‘human’; and once again, man will be human.

______________________________________ “Accept your humanity” _______________________________________


_ We strive to be very well organized, and still maintain our humanity.
_ We cause anarchy to cripple those who oppose us, and help those who need us.
_ We are State but we are free. We are free and we are State. Remember this.
_ We are human. Lets act like it.
_ Anarchy is freedom. And we deliver.
_ One of our members has created a piece of literature about the State of Anarchy. It does a great job at depicting the life of a common person under the rule of the UEE, and give reason as to why some people in the ‘verse might have joined our rebelion:

“Everywhere I see poverty around,
Earth and Terra’s boots in our face.
Citizens from Civilians,
Separated by a ‘race’.

I can see the Metropolis now,
The joyous laughs from within.
I realize Citizens are spending leftover UEC’s,
Not giving to the poor, instead giving greed.

I stand successive among the others,
With a joint hope,
The UEE will end us.

Yet we know this not to be true!
The UEE’s lies!
It spits on its “Citizens”!
And shits on the others!

Come my brothers and sisters!
The time has come to rise!
Join the State of Anarchy,
And remove the UEE and their lies!”

- -By Aimcreeper



_ Have fun.
_ Don’t be a dick to other members of the State of Anarchy (Unless they deserve it).
_ Spread the word, get more people to join our cause.
_ Help other members out if you can.
_ Be talkative. Awkward silence, though not discouraged, is as stated. Very Awkward.
_ Equality, even though you may not be the highest rank in the group you’re still as much a person as the next guy. Including high ranking anarchists.
_ Be Human
——Member Ranking
_ Level One Authority: Leader of the State. Direct control and advisment of all State operations. Orders given by the L1 will be placed at highest priority.
_ Level Two Authority: Officers of the State. Oversee and lead members of the language that they are the direct officer of. Anything that an L1 says will be translated through the L2 to all members under his/her lead. Orders given by an L2 will be placed second highest priority.
_ Level Three Authority: Agents of the State. Are responsible for various tasks of multitude. Orders given by an L3 will be placed third highest in priority.
_ Level Four Authority: Those of the State. Any main affiliate of the State. Are responsible for the dream of our new State to come true. Orders given by an L4 will be placed fourth in priority. You are we, and we will listen. What an L4 says will always be taken into advisement, our leadership is never perfect, so if anyone has a better plan, that plan will most likely be put into play.
_ Level Five Authority: Citizens of the State. Anyone who is in affiliation with the State of Anarchy. Orders given from an L5 will be fiveth in priority. And again, we will always listen to what our people have to say.

- -No priority level is final. Base your decisions off of your instincts. If you believe that one thing has more priority over another, go for it.
_ Lime Green Trim
_ Black
_ Founder / Leader – The Anarchist / STOAN
_ Second in Charge – Seth H / SethHinson
_ Head of Transport – Whiskey / swearzy1
_ Head of Trade – JackFrost / JackFrost
_ State Executioner – Kaela Mensha Khaine / Jralg
_ State Propaganda Minister – Sir Scum / SirScum
_ Heavy Cargo Disarming – BinaryJava / BinaryJava
_ ‘Questionable’ Goods Marketeer – C4pricious / C4pricious
_ More coming soon…. PM The Anarchist / STOAN for any position that you want, we will not decline you.
_ German Officer – Psychomania / Psychomania
_ PM The Anarchist / STOAN for an officer’s title. Rules:
- -Must speak fluent English (to communicate directly with leadership)
- -Must speak at least one other language fluently
- -Must have decent leadership skills
- -Must be a main member (to be assigned more privileges, like recruitment)
_ The Hitlist is going to be a redacted file kept of all people who get on the nerves of some of our members while we wait for this game to come out. Upon release certain names will be given out to bounty hunters who work with the State. Simply just don’t piss us off and you shouldn’t have problems.
- -To add someone to The Hitlist PM The Anarchist / STOAN via the forums and give the reason why you want them added.
_ Transport and Security United :
_ PM The Anarchist / STOAN to apply for sponsorship
- -All you need to do is put a sponsorship for the State of Anarchy with a link on the page of your group.
- -PM The Anarchist / STOAN that you have done this and we will in turn do the same for you.