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Sumbers Trading & Security / SUMBERS

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Welcome To Sumbers Trading & Security

A corporation focused on trading and providing security. View the Recruitment Charter for other career options.

“Where money can be made, we make it”


We will start making the History when the full game Reales comes out and we have more members.


We want to help the Frontlines by suppling them with Provisons and Muntions.

we will do this by farming for resourses and trading. while also trading general goods with civilians and other corporations/organistaions


  1. try to keep within the confounds of the casual Role Play.
  2. Dont be a little girl if someone makes a joke and you get offended by it.

Jobs needed
Farmers, Miners, Sercurity Ship/cargo ships

If you have any Inquiries, contact or message any Ceo or Officer

If any one is interested, here is a new ORG thats main focus will be trading and securtiy.

Organization name: Sumbers Trading & Security Point of contact: Discord yes
Officer contact only: either or
Services offered: We offer Trading and security
Services Required: Farmers, Miners, Sercurity Ship/cargo ships
Orgs known territory: NA
Orgs role: Tradeing, farming, cargo hauling and security