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Honor…Loyalty…Friendship… We are dedicated… We are Sunder!!!


SUNDER, the remaining crew of the once mighty UEE Ship Vyrus, continues to lean on each other. Their years of combat experience and unit adhesion have been a vital part of their identity, and it has been the key component that has kept them from vanishing into history. It was a little over 10 standard Earth years ago when this small band of brothers, and sisters, found themselves tested to the limit. As part of an elite UEE battle group nicknamed “SG”, they were tasked to travel deep into Vanduul territory to eliminate a high value target on a planet.

Tiber I, once an insignificant planet used by the Vanduul as a staging area to raid UEE system, was christened as “The Grinder” after that faithful day, when the campaign became the shortest and bloodiest battle of the war. The Idris-Class UEES Vyrus held her ground until the end, and allowed countless of lives to escape back into UEE territory. Hundreds were mercifully vaporized by her explosion when she finally fell, but some were unfortunately spared to either endure being trapped on the hostile planet, or to experience the short life of being a Vanduul captive. Battered and forgotten, much like the abandoned world of Davien I, the “lucky” ones found each other. They hid in captivity, and found ways to live in a desolate and hostile world. They formed a group, and they named it SUNDER.

SUNDER… to divide, split, or separate. It is a name to honor those who have fallen from the mighty, and to let the enemy know that a splinter struck in the right place can be debilitating. For years, SUNDER harassed the enemy and fought fiercely. There were many victories and many defeats. They grew their ranks and lost plenty. They laughed a lot and also cried. But never once did they lose faith. Through grit, determination, and a little bit of luck, the SUNDER crew was eventually able to escape the planet; thanks to a Vanduul merchantman who unwittingly landed his craft by the group. After returning to UEE territory, the group was honorably discharged and compensated with enough currency to live comfortably. Some have retired, but most are still waiting for their next opportunity. They are waiting for the opportunity to prove their honor, loyalty, friendship, and dedication to each other. They are waiting for the opportunity to tell the verse, we are SUNDER!

~Recounted by Veteran “Witez”


The mission of SUNDER is to provide a place for like-minded individuals to connect and enjoy the world of team-oriented online gaming.

Since its establishment in 2005, SUNDER members have become more than just a voice on the net. They have become a dedicated tight knit family who consider each other an important and vital part of their daily lives.

The SUNDER core values of: Honor, Loyalty, Friendship, which encompass our Dedication, applies beyond its member; it is the driving force of our organization which directs how we interact with the online community.

SUNDER provides the highest level of professional and honorable dedicated service that exceeds the expectations of our allies and client. We are fully committed to serving our members and the organizations and people who share our values.

We are SUNDER.


The sole purpose of this living document is to provide all Sunder members
with a clear, in-depth explanation of Sunder rules and policies. Upon joining Sunder, members acknowledge
and agree to operate within the bounds set forth by this document as provided for in their
acknowledgment of the Sunder Constitution. This document encompasses the operations of both the
Member, Veteran Member, Division Staff and Sunder Command Staff.

Sunder is a unique online gaming community with a structure modeled closely to that of a real-life
military unit or successful corporation. Inherent with such discipline, Sunder places more than the usual
amount of demands on its members. It is through this structure that Sunder has attained the status of a
“mature & quality gaming organization”, with highly dedicated members and leaders. The success of
Sunder lies within its dedication to discipline and precise execution, which comes from a strict adherence to
rules and regulations.
1. Membership Requirements
1.1 To become a member:
1.1.1 You must be at least 18 years of age.
1.1.2 You must Not be an officer of another online gaming community.
1.1.3 You must utilize TeamSpeak and have a working microphone.
1.1.4 You must comply with section 2.4 of the Sunder Constitution.
1.1.5 You must apply to an active Division or a Social Game that has a pending Division

Go here for the complete (Sunder Constitution)