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Suprelic / SUPRELIC

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Suprelic was founded by CornLuck november 23rd 2019.
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discord server
(We highly recommend you join our discord server if you wanna become a member)


Suprelic was established in the year 2952 starting out as a lawful nomadic clan seeking to be self sufficient and has since been going on strong in that direction casually taking on more members with the same ideology.


Suprelic is a self sufficient clan of people doing anything legal between mining to bounty hunting supporting each other in the process.
Suprelic does not believe in a ranking system other than leader and members as we view all as equal and we are not a military organization but merely a band of people.
The leaders role is to ensure control and for the group to not turn into pure anarchy.
We run with democracy and every change should be voted by all members with equal vote.



Always follow the rules of the Suprelic clan as best as you possibly can.


Do not perform treason against or lie in Suprelic, never betray the clan.


Suprelic will always be a democratic clan ruled by an elected council of 4 members when the founder is no longer able. All members are equal and have equal vote and opinion.


Only the founder can own Suprelic and noone can buy, sell or in any way use Suprelic for personal gain. Only the clan can use the name Suprelic. No greed or corruption allowed.


You cannot buy, sell, donate or gain membership through heir in Suprelic. Everyone must join in an equal manner.


If able then you must always defend Suprelic if we are attacked, the clan relies on its members to survive.


Do not retaliate on anything done against Suprelic unless absolutely necessary.


You must not act offensively on behalf of Suprelic, we never attack unprovoked.


You must not use Suprelic as a personal defense. Suprelic should not be forced into your arguments and fights.


Any and all arguments and negativity between members must be discussed so a middleground can be concluded and peace will be made. The clan must stick together in order to function.


You must always help out members of Suprelic, the clan itself and anyone else. Help and forgive.


You can only be in the Suprelic clan, do not be a member of other clans, gangs or likewise clubs.


The clan must always adapt to change and modern times while still making an effort to preserve and remember its history and tradition.


Always make an effort to be active in the Suprelic clan and be with the community when able. Solidarity in action.


Do not form intimate relationships with other members of Suprelic. (This rule is relative to the amount of members in Suprelic and can be negated if theres enough members for it to simply not be relevant)


Do not brag about Suprelic or your membership in Suprelic. You can take pride in things you have done for, with or to Suprelic but do not view yourself as above others in any way because of the clan.