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Hello Citizens,

A group of your fellow players have formed a meet and greet group for the Dayton, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to meet some of your fellow Star Citizens locally please contact us on the Forums under Gathering / Events / Meet-Ups.


Southwest Ohio Star Citizens was formed March 2014 on the forums. We held our first meet May 2, 2014 at Bullwinkle’s in Miamisburg, Ohio. Three members were present, Goloith, Booyaah82 and Wildfire1. Since this first meet we’ve grown and become one of the more active meet and greet groups in Star Citizen with more than 500 posts on our forum, numerous meets over the years, featured on Galactic Inquiry and more. We now have a Facebook and Google+ account to help members be aware of upcoming meets. We always welcome new members regardless of your home address. If you’ll make the drive we’d be happy to meet another Star Citizen. We are very honored to have some folks join us all the way from Columbus, Ohio.


We’re here to allow Star Citizen fans in Southwest Ohio and the surrounding area a chance to meet and discuss the game that has brought us all together. Topics often range for all types of gaming, PC building, tips and tactics and much more. We try to meet once a month or so. We usually meet around 7pm at a local restaurant or pub. Members are welcome to stop in any time to join us for dinner or just a few drinks. We do ask that you try to RSVP (only so we can make sure a seat is reserved for you). If you think you might like to join contact any one of our Founders or Core Members and we can help you join in. You can also contact us at or visit us on the forums in the Gatherings/Events/Meet-ups section.


*Member Rank is based on activity *
This is only to give new and old members alike and idea of how active folks are.

Founding Member – There from the start. One of the first 3 to meet.
Core Members – Tried and true friends almost always present.. (4 or more meets under the belt)
Regular members – Attend whenever possible. (2 – 3 meets)
New Member – Has attended a meet
Hopeful Future Member – Has said hello on our forum and plans to attend a meet up
Recruit – Do we know you?

Meet Rule:
Have fun
Be polite
Drink and be merry!