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Taipan Trading and Financial Services is a freight logistics company that strives to make cargo hauling accessible to everyone. Through our unique services, anyone can be a trader! Contact us via our Discord or on Spectrum for more information or to arrange services.


Our History

Taipan began with a Caterpillar and a dream: To make money. Taipan succeeded in that dream and continues to do so, but now the company is focusing its attention outward. To this end, Taipan is now extending its services to external contracts and is excited to provide cargo logistics opportunities to those without the means to do so for themselves.

While the bulk of Taipan’s profits comes from its own trading and cargo transit, it offers its own freight logistics network and assets to outside parties interested in legal trade. The goal of this service is to attract cooperation between organizations and individuals who may benefit from our services, as well as identifying candidates who who might wish to be an asset and member of Taipan Trading.

Our Roles

Taipan’s hierarchy is relatively flat, as all members serve an equally important role, as well as receive an equal share of profits from each haul that they participate on. To that end, our ranking system is one of equality, and ranks are only considered ‘higher’ due to the limitations of RSI’s organization system. That said, our available roles for prospective members are as follows:


The Client role is a designation for those who would like to engage business with Taipan, or show their support for us by maintaining an active relationship with the organization. No duties are expected of this role and there is no requirement to join to conduct business either. These members may join Taipan as an active member as well.

Ship Crew

This role serves aboard a ship. This covers a wide range of duties and requires legwork within the ship. A member of Ship Crew can expect to man turrets during flight, perform interior ship security via patrols, as well as guard a ship’s point of entry while at port. Attention to surroundings is key, and a member of Ship Crew should work with and communicate with their partnered Freight Captain to ensure the security of their ship.

Upon request, a credit stipend can be provided to a Ship Crew member to purchase armor and weapons for their role duties.

Escort Division

Escorts ensure the safety of our trade routes and ships by providing armed security assets. Depending on personnel available, escorts may be tasked with scouting and securing an area before the arrival of a cargo ship, as well as staying with the ship during flight. Escorts are encouraged to practice their dogfighting capability and hone their skill, as they help ensure the safety of our ships when literally millions of credits are on the line.

Upon request, a fighter ship of an Escort’s choosing can be provided while they are performing their duties. They may also receive a credit stipend for ship maintenance during business operations.

Freight Captain

A Freight Captain is the pilot of a cargo carrying ship. They are charged with maintaining safe flight maneuvers and delivering cargo to a destination. A Freight Captain is encouraged to be experienced in piloting medium sized ships, such as Freelancer or Constellation series hulls, and is highly encouraged to become acquainted with flying larger hulls such as the Starfarer or Caterpillar. While any member may request and receive training on piloting these ships, Freight Captains are prioritized to ensure readiness for flight operations. The Freight Captain is also expected to maintain situational awareness and partners with their Ship Crew to maintain safety and security.

A Freight Captain will have a ship provided for them during business operations.

Double Cat Run Certified

This role is an extension of the Freight Captain role, and a member of this has been certified in the flight operations of not only flying a Caterpillar, but having the capability to do so in a multi ship convoy setting. They are able to follow instructions in a safe and timely manner that concern the logistics of managing a multi ship operation, and are able to consistently maneuver large hulls at various ports, such as Levski or R&R’s. They also have the same responsibilities as a Freight Captain, and must maintain situational awareness at all times.

A member that is Double Cat Run Certified will have a ship provided for them during business operations.

Freight Logistics Officer

A Freight Logistics Officer is in charge of administrative duties and back end operations. They strive to maintain organization of company information, as well as manage freight operations while conducting business. This is the only ‘rank’ considered to be above anyone else, and even that is of a limited capacity. A FLO utilizes their experience to guide others during business operations and sees to the needs of company personnel. A FLO is charged with keeping meticulous documents concerning business operations that they participate in, as well as ensuring that personnel participating in business duties receive the correct pay for services provided.


FAQ and Pricing

What is Taipan about?

Taipan is a freight logistics company that seeks to allow all to trade. Whether you’re a citizen just starting out or a veteran who happens to find themselves without a decent freighter, Taipan is opening avenues of opportunity to those seeking to utilize trade routes, but lack the ship to do so. At the same time, Taipan is an organization that can achieve its aim in the current implementation of Star Citizen, and can evolve and grow in its mission as the universe does.

How does it work?


1. Contact Taipan for services.

2. Select the ship and ship owner you wish to employ, as well as discuss the trade route(s) you would like to take.

3. Send the amount you would like to invest in trading via beacon (we suggest a Transport Beacon for security) to the ship owner. They will ride with you and purchase cargo on your behalf.

4. You fly the ship and arrive at your destination. The ship owner will sell the cargo. This may then be repeated until you wish to conclude business. At the end, your captain will transfer back your investment plus your profit, minus 20% of the profit earned and any other negotiated fees.

Is this a scam?

Not at all! We are legitimate traders attempting to make trade accessible to everyone. If you have concerns, please contact Skar229 or JackAxton.

How much do you charge? What fees are there?

At the moment, our going rate is 20% of total profits earned. This may increase as the game evolves, but for now it serves our purposes. So if your investment is 50,000 and you end the day with 100,000, the total profit would be 50,000, and we take a 20% cut of that (10,000 for those that don’t wish to do the math.) For a negotiable fee, escort(s) can be arranged as well through our contracting services, or you may provide your own. Insurance to cover cargo may be negotiated as well.

We keep detailed records of our engagements and at the end of services will provide you with an itemized receipt of money made and fees deducted. An example can be located below.

Couldn’t you make more just trading yourself?

Yes we can, and we do. But we wanted to open the doors of trading to all, as well as bring together like minded people who would like to do the same. When not under contract, Taipan performs regular cargo runs and reaps the benefits.

How do I contact Taipan for services?

Taipan can be reached by contacting us through our Discord channel. Failing that, Contact JackAxton directly via Spectrum chat to engage services.



1. Never fire on another trader making a living, no matter what his cargo. Unless they shoot you first of course.

2. Never steal from the client. Do so and be removed from the company.

3. We work with all clients from all walks of life, no matter their standing. We are not ‘too good’ for any particular client or their investments.

4. Absolutely no discrimination of any member or client. Taipan fully supports all races, nationalities, sexes, gender and gender preferences, religions, choice of favourite sports team, and so on. Discrimination of any kind will be considered grounds for termination.

5. Please show respect to others you encounter. Today’s random person may be tomorrow’s client, or a fellow member of Taipan. To this effect, please try to minimize hostility shown towards others and keep that salt to a minimum.