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The Arvid Protectorate Navy / TAPN

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“Strength Through Freedom”

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We want to play with you, not with your wallet.


The Founding, 2948

Sometimes, enough is enough. Sometimes, you grow tired of constantly jumping between organizations, watching as they expand faster than they’re prepared for and slowly lost control of their members. Tired of being forced into roles that don’t suit you, with no room for negotiation. Tired of being thrown to the side just because your availability conflicts with your Commander’s strict and unbending schedules.

For us, there was one clear course of action: to break away and create an organization of our own, where management can be planned in advance, where your role can be whatever you choose, and where concessions can always be made for those with conflicting schedules. An organization where freedom and individuality would be the building blocks for a group that can enjoy their work, proving that maturity and professionalism can be achieved without the cost of your personality.

The Arvid Protectorate Navy was founded on the belief that everyone should be free to be themselves, and we’ll oppose any pirate who thinks they can take that freedom away.

New Allies, 2949

In an effort to make themselves known, The Arvid Protectorate Navy reached out to a number of other small organizations. These allies provided even more contacts, and soon we found ourselves with scores of new friends around the ‘verse. Eventually, we joined up with a group of others who shared our goals and opinions; an alliance of like-minded organizations who agreed that where one could not combat a threat individually, we would do so together.

Torn alliances, 2950

Though attempts were made to maintain the alliance we pulled away from it as we believed they no longer followed what they originally set out to do. Though our personal allies remain we vowed to increase our activity in the galaxy to ensure everyone can fly safely and not have to worry about pirates or Vanduuls.

With both allies and members growing by the day, we now look to the future.


The Long Road

Following your dreams is not an easy road; there will always be times when you want to throw in the towel and call it quits, maybe joining up with a smaller organization for comfort or joining with a larger one for the security. As for us, our organization’s task is to help bring order to lawless space, to find those who would bring harm to others at a drop of a hat, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We may be small for now, but by keeping our eyes looking out at the distant horizon and staying true to ourselves, we can help bring about a brighter tomorrow.


Strength Through Freedom

Each part of this charter should be referred to from time to time to ensure everyone has a rough idea of it.

A.P.N.C §1: General Guidelines

  • All members will be allowed to do any job they want, regardless of Squadron.
  • If support or backup is requested by an allied organization, we are to delegate available members to them, while those on critical or time-sensitive jobs will be required to stay on mission until their job is completed. Any member expenses, unless covered by our ally, will be paid out of our core fund.
  • We strive to hold events that are held at least once a week and we encourage members to attend. Discord is highly recommended for events.
  • Though our organization page is tagged as “Roleplay”, note that this constitutes light combat-focused RP such as using callsigns and appropriate military language.
  • Real life comes first, the game can wait.

A.P.N.C §2: Membership Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old to join.
  • Being a member of another organization is perfectly acceptable so long as their goals are not a direct conflict of interest with our own.
  • If you are a member of another organization with redacted status, our administration has a right to request you reveal to them the identity of the organization for everyone’s security. Your membership of The Arvid Protectorate Navy may not be redacted unless approved by a member of our administration.
  • Discord is required for membership, participating in voice chat is encouraged whether you talk or not.

A.P.N.C §3: Ranking and Structure

  • Arvid is separated into five squadrons, each with a similar ranking structure. The types of squadrons are FPS Combat, Light and Heavy Ship Combat, Industrial, Medical, Exploration and Science. Your rank in the org is based on your Squadron rank.
  • You can always change Squadrons later if your personal outlook changes for any reason. Promotions will be based on your performance in your squadron.
  • You can join multiple Squadrons but your rank will only come from your primary Squadron. It’s not a requirement to join one but highly encouraged.

A.P.N.C §4: Rules of Engagement

  • Everything below is not negotiable.
  • No civilian targets.
  • Do not attack unless they are known criminals.
  • Do not attack unless attacked first.
  • Killing should be the last resort.
  • As a member of Arvid you’re a lawful citizen in any system.

A.P.N.C §5: Additional

  • If you see Red Panda you’re allowed to shoot her a couple of times.
  • Do not under any circumstances let our CEO fly the ship!!!
  • Don’t try to outsmoke the high admirals, many tried, many have died.
  • Don’t make it personal. Keep it in the game, Not in real life.