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Our mission in TASC is simple at its core. We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships.


The Ascended started many years ago as an Eve Online corporation. In recent years we have played many games and currently have two primary games that are supported by the clan leadership. We are one of the premier guilds on Planetside 2.

TAS has great plans for extending its history into Star Citizen. Join early and get in on our epic adventures from the start.


TAS strives to provide a comprehensive gaming community to include casual and competitive gaming. To be an engaging platform for members to participate in online gaming while maintaining a unique and compelling environment. TAS is a pioneer in new opportunities for community expansion that strengthens our commitment to our values and to our most important asset, our members.

Loyalty, Honesty, Camaraderie, Inclusivity


The Ascended Community Rules
Moderators enforce the rules as they see fit. Violation of these rules may cause removal from TAS. Use the support system to contact Administrators if you feel you have a case for appeal.
TAS Founder Apoc maintains a veto power for any decision affecting TAS.  He also reserves the final statement on any community issue or conflict.
Website, Teamspeak and other server or permissions administration will be handled by a team supervised by boomshot.  Any administrative authority that is granted may also be revoked, and comes with some responsibility attached.
The Operations Team will be responsible for the following:
Tech SupportTeamspeak issues, Website/TS tags, Forum administration, etc.
Ranking Members’ PermissionsFinal say on all permissions including those for game specific ranks.
Server Management and Hosting on Behalf of TASDelegation and management of all TAS provided solutions.
Game Division Addition and ExpansionExpand as required or necessary – website roster, forums, teamspeak channels, etc.
Rule EnforcementAbility to handle and defuse high-stress situations via moderation.
The community’s ranks, procedures, social interaction, artwork and more will be handled by a team supervised by Skynet.  Any moderation, ability to speak on behalf of TAS, or other communicative authority that is granted may also be revoked, and comes with some responsibility attached.
Community Leaders will be responsible for the following:
ModerationTeamspeak, Forums and in-game communications moderation and conflict resolution.
Community RanksFinal say on community ranks.
Social Media and Speaking on Behalf of TASDelegation and management of all TAS social media, artwork, community expansion, etc.
Game Division Addition and ExpansionAppoint leaders for TAS game divisions and add or remove them as needed.
Moderates the casual or competitive nature of game divisions.
Rule EnforcementAbility to handle and defuse high-stress situations via moderation.
Each game that is officially endorsed by TAS will be appointed Director(s).  Directors are appointed by Community Leaders.  Directors have seniority over all other members of their division and are responsible for creating any data or materials required for the operation of their division.  Directors have freedom over the nature of their game with respect to casual play, strict competitive play or variations between, subject to community managers approval.
Directors will be responsible for the following:
Game Rank Names, Responsibilities and RequirementsChoose or delegate the task of choosing their division’s heirarchy.
Moderation and Administration of game-specific forums, TS channels, etc.Moderate or delegate the task of moderating their division’s communications.
Roster ManagementMaintain an up-to-date roster for their division at all times.
Rule Creation and EnforcementCreate rules specific to their division, and enforce or delegate the task of enforcing them.
Overall Game Direction and AwarenessBe aware of the overall direction of the division’s future.
Maintain an open-minded approach to new games and game genres, and communicate the knowledge this gleans about the division’s community to the rest of TAS leadership.
Work with all leadership to help TAS continue moving forward gracefully.

The Ascended [TAS] requires members to be 18 years old for leadership positions in the community and game divisions.  It is possible for individuals under the age of 18 to join the community as probationary members and join in-game, at the discretion of that game divisions’ leadership.
  Community Representation
TAS members are encouraged to use the [TAS] tag at all times.  We understand this is not possible in every scenario.  It is not acceptable to utilize TAS resources for the benefit of another community, outfit, clan, etc.  As a member of TAS, you are not permitted to play with another outfit that plays a game TAS officially supports, unless that game has more than one faction and you have an existing character with another faction. In any case, you may not be in a situation where you are competing against TAS members in general population servers.
– In Game: [TAS] InGameName
– Steam: [TAS] SteamName
Be respectful towards your fellow gamers. To the young or new: We were once new to gaming and had to learn the ropes as well. Offensive, hurtful, or discriminating content of any kind will not be tolerated. Be patient, helpful, and objective. Swearing is discouraged but allowed. Trolling, excessiveness or actions deemed inappropriate by moderators is not tolerated.
If you have to defend your actions by saying it’s not in the rules- chance are your actions are deemed inappropriate by moderators. If you feel you are being subject to admin abuse Private Message the Community Manager Skynet or use the support system.  
Cheating is not allowed in any manner. Mods and addons are allowed, as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage or violate any EULA.
Never accuse someone of cheating. Take these to the moderators. If you don’t feel comfortable with that contact us with the support system.
Your account is your responsibility. If someone else is cheating on your account, you may still be removed from TAS.
  Active participation
As a member of our community, you are expected to play with the community and to be connected to TS when possible. This also applies to streaming, if you are advertising your Stream on the TAS webpage.
If for some reason you are unable to do so, please contact us through the support system.
Make a post on the forum if you think you will be inactive for a long period of time.
If we have not heard from you in 60 days you will be marked as MIA, after 120 days you will have all tags and rights removed and you will be placed in the inactive roll.  Your account will always be in the database, in case you come back on good terms.
=============================== 3. TEAMSPEAK
We expect every TAS member to use our TS server when gaming with others.  This enables better communication, as well as community growth.  You are, of course, permitted to game on your own.  Inactivity may be warned against, or actioned upon if significant.  If you do not want to join our Teamspeak regularly, we are not the community for you.
When in our Teamspeak, we advise the use of Push-to-Talk.  Voice activation is permitted, but your audio setup must be free of background noise, hot mic, etc. Failure to so this  may result in you being muted until the issue is fixed.
We communicate primarily in English.  If you are not comfortable communicating in English, TAS may not be for you.
When in game, or in TAS servers, please use common sense.  Don’t abuse administrative powers and don’t be vindictive or passive aggressive about things
This is especially true for non-members.  We want everybody to feel as welcome as possible.
  TAS  servers
Our servers are financed by voluntary donations of TAS members. Donations are not required but more donations = more servers.
Please consider donating – without donations there would be no servers for games, the site or voice comms.
  Making room
Members that have donated will be given priority if it becomes necessary to manage users on a server due to a population cap.
  Right Direction
Please use the search function and investigate the various forum sections.  Posting in the correct location saves us overhead and gets you results, faster.
  Forum Activity
Stay active on the forum, even if all you have to offer at this time is welcoming reply to new members’ posts.
  Moderate Yourself
If your post necessitates moderation, it will probably be hidden or deleted.  No spamming, excessive memes, or otherwise obstructive or offensive behavior.
You can reach support using the navigation bar on our website.  For most issues, you will be able to follow the prompts to send your inquiry to the correct moderation or administration teams.  If you have an issue with a leader or admin, you can contact Apoc, boomshot and/or Skynet with 100% discretion with the forum PM feature.