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The Black Prince Pirates / TBDP

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Piracy
  • Freelancing

A Pirate doesn’t care if you’re a king or god- If you’re great or not- all that matters is freedom. The freedom to take what you can, and the strength to hold on to it.


TeamSpeak :

The Black Prince. A legendary combat ace from the First Tevarin War. He fought along side Ivar Messer, right up until his ascension to Imperator. After the Second Tevarin War, Ivar staged a famous coup and manipulated the government into the dictatorship known as The United Empire of Earth.

Disgusted, The Black Prince called for rebellion. He advocated revolution and the decimation of the dictatorship.
The UEE branded him a heretic and a terrorist. Ivar ruthlessly hunted him down and imprisoned his supporters.

The Black Prince gathered his loyal men and fled to the lawless fringes of space. There he swore to always fight for freedom, to always remember the injustice and tyranny of Ivar and the UEE, to bring hope to freedom fighters all over the universe. This he promised to his followers.

He took for himself the symbols of the Imperator, the wreath and the crown and coupled them with the image of a skull with swords crossed to its throat. A symbolic statement that he would fight the tyranny and oppression of the Empire.

Each new captain, traces his decent from The Black Prince himself. They are part of the Long Black Line which builds upon the legacy of the iconic freedom fighter from whom we get our names. They spit upon the Empire’s trappings of power, their bloated bureaucracy, and their unscrupulous imperialist colonization of space.

Above all, these men fight to honor the legacy The Black Prince left behind.

The Black Prince Pirates call out to all those who value freedom more than anything; to stand shoulder to shoulder with the some of greatest outlaws the universe has ever known and to break the Empire’s hold on our freedom one battle at a time.
(Eddie Trost)

There are three wings which you can join:
1st Division: Pirate/ Bounty Hunting Wing
2nd Division: Trading/Smuggling Wing
3rd Division: Economic/Diplomacy Wing


  • To be a feared pirate organisation.
  • To gain a capital ship.
  • To build a fleet so that our members can be outfitted with the ships they need to fulfill their roles.
  • To have an extensive black market trade.
  • To make a wealthy organisation fund.
  • To gain a foothold and establish a base in one of the systems.
  • To be the most infamous group in the universe.
  • To make vast fortunes.
  • To gain power enough to sway the universe.
  • To set up a safe haven for all pirates and outlaws.
  • Our main view is belief in the pursuit of freedom.



  • No Slavery.
  • Don’t betray your crew.
  • Carve out your fame and fortune.
  • Fight till the last breath.
  • Protect your crew.
  • All else goes.


  • First money for all the ships and equipment damaged in the operation to be repaired or replaced is taken out.
  • 15% after that goes into the BPP fund.
  • 10% after that goes to whoever planned the mission.
  • 50% goes to fighters (medics included):
    (subject to change due to nature of the operation)
  • 35% to others (transport, salvage ect.):

(will be update with when more information is released)