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Taco Bell Liberation Front / TBLF

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“I think I’ll dismember the world and then I’ll dance in the wreckage.”
― Neil Gaiman


The tale of how a bunch of misfits came together to form the “Taco Bell Liberation Front” is a tad troubling. A majoirty of this story is still shrouded in mystery. What follows below was collected from their victims, relatives, bookies, and their comrades in arms.

TBLF can trace its ancestry back to two original founding fathers. One fateful morning two young men met on a transport to their new academy. Both men were outsiders in a small farming village. Bohica grew up in the southern United States in a place called Tejas. His family relocated to a desolate wasteland called Michigan. Papagadusch recently moved from a larger city and did not want to be accustomed with a farmer’s lifestyle. Both agreed they had to find some way off this frozen wasteland. During their time in Michigan, they crossed paths with the original forefathers of the organization. Viper who happened to be a expert huntsman, Twisted a tech guru, and Blagnaskin a natural shot.

The young thrill seeking adventurers quickly joined the ranks of the military. Papagadusch found his calling as a combat medic and thrived under the pressure. Bohica took a different route and fell in love with a flying machine known as the helicopter. He quickly became one of the most effective attack chopper pilots the military had… with this came the scrutiny that he was careless and dangerous. The critics were proved right when one morning he crashed while attempting to “buzz” the officer quarters. The helicopter rolled end over end as did his career. He washed out of the military and disappeared from civilization. After Papagdusch and the others were discharged they went their different ways, each searching for something different.

It is at this point in our story that things get hazy. After several years Bohica did eventually return and the team reunited. Evidently Bohica had been traveling the world as a solider for hire. Cutting his teeth in several continents doing god knows what. During his travels he came across several interesting characters including Cobey an ill tempered aviation genius, Moevil a gun for hire, Hamtaro a certified drunk, a handful of questionable pilots, and numerous support personal. Somewhere out of all of this, these idiots had the idea to become Soldiers of Fortune… but not on Earth. It was at this time the first jump point was discovered and first contact was established. The crew had their eyes set on a whole universe of possibilities. God help us all.

The team loaded into a used space transport that they bought off Craigslist and aimed it towards the skies. The last thing that was heard from the shuttle before departure was somebody screaming “Danger zone!’. This would be the last time any of them would be seen on earth.


So we were told to “Declare our intentions, motive, and views”. Our motives are simply to have fun, no matter what the task is. We like to dabble into everything and anything. Constantly trying to find a new and better way to get paid, find a better adventure, or just sharpening our skills. We will be Pirate Hunters when the occasion calls, we will be smugglers when the pay rate is right, we will also transport things legally, we will be bounty hunters when needed, and mercenaries when called upon.

TBLF also have a keen eye for engineering and is heavily involved with salvage, mining, exploration, and research. Like we stated before, we are here for the fun and the adventure… just gotta make sure we get paid doing what we love.


The Taco Bell Liberation Front has never allied itself with any man or cause. it’s code is in place to ensure smooth and efficient operations between each other and its allies.

The Code Of Taco Bell Liberation Front:
  • All TBLF members are representatives of the organization.
  • Members are expected to carry themselves in a mature manner.
  • Members will respect one another, leadership, and our allies.
  • All issues are expected to be taken up the correct chain of command.
  • New applicants will undergo a two week probation period.
  • Members are expected to defend themselves and others from acts of aggression in the universe.
  • At no time will it be acceptable to attack our allies.
  • Piracy will not be acceptable. We hunt Pirates.
  • Members are expected to engage, follow, and contribute when operations are under way.

TBLF has a loose command structure. Officers position will be awarded for time served and contributions. We use a Squadron leader system to break the organization into smaller pieces and give everyone a voice. We encourage all of our crew to step up when the need arises. Promotions will be given to those who show themselves efficient, precise, dedicated, and deadly at their trade craft.

We expect you to carry yourself as a mature adult… or you will be forced to walk a plank that we have fitted to a Air Lock.

TBLF is as much ours as it is yours, please never forget that.