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Welcome to The Corporate Alliance! Please check out the recruitment section for more details.


The History and Origins of The Corporate Alliance (TCA)
Written By: Captain Jiessa Wolf

The UEE, a vast inter-stellar Empire who’s origins start from Earth many centuries ago which slowly grew and reached out with its Imperialistic hands, taking more and more planets into its fold. It created colonies and civilizations among other worlds, mining, planting, building, it brought a new age of exploration and prosperity. Then there was first contact.

The number one question on our minds, “Are we alone in this universe?” has been answered. First contact with a new species drastically changed the course of humanity and the role it plays on the galactic scale forever. It will bring in new trade, new manufactured goods and services, new wars…

Overtime, however, this age of prosperity started to slowly circle the drain. Starting in the year 2920, the UEE economy was steadily draining and making it harder for the empire to protect and serve its people. The rift between the rich and the poor significantly increases. Not only is there strife among the classes, but attacks by raiders and pirates has increased along the border worlds of the Empire, colonies and trades posts left to defend themselves. Even the Vanduul became more aggressive in their attacks.

For 21 years, this went on, the outer worlds and colonies having less and less faith in the United Earth Empire and became more independent, herein mercenaries and private military companies for defense or even building up their own militias. Some came together and formed new alliances, new organizations, some to mine, some to trade, and some just to fight and raid.

And now in the year 2942, a collective group of individuals had gotten together in a goal to be independent from the rest, to prosper not just for themselves, but for others within their ranks. Where each man and women pulls their own weight in a collective effort of survival and prosperity, this organization will come to be known galactic-wide as The Corporate Alliance.


The Corporate Alliance Manifesto
Written by Admiral Timpedia (TCA Founder)

So what is The Corporate Alliance? Well, a lot of it is in the name. We’re a group working towards profit for all of its members. Our primary goal is to become a trading empire that can do any job needed. Bounty hunting, PMC work, mining, exploring…the TCA will do it all for the right price. We will treat all our members fairly and give everyone the opportunity to do their job as best as possible.

Who does the TCA work for? Anyone with money who needs a job done. We are not in the business of piracy as our primary income, but we will not stop our members from striking out against acceptable targets.

The TCA is open to anyone who wants entry, but all members will be tested when possible before becoming full members. We want to insure only serious players will participate and help grow the TCA into a powerful organization that will take jobs anywhere in the galaxy no matter the challenge.


The Charter of The Corporate Aliiance
Written by: Admiral Timpedia (Founder)
Revised by: Captain Jiessa wolf

The fallowing articles are subject to changes approved by the TCA Admiral with an optional majority vote of the organization.

Article 1: Rules & Conduct

Section 1 – Concerning Members

No member will attack or harm any other person that is a member of The Corporate Alliance, whether physically or mentally nor through inaction allow another member be harmed if it can be avoided or prevented. Furthermore, a member will held to a code of honor, for he or she will not lie, cheat, or steal from fellow member or will they commit any act of intentional dishonestly nor will they tolerate those who do. There will also be no harassing or hazing of any kind. If any member, crewman to officer, violates these rules with be subject to punishment in accordance to Article 3

Section 2 – Real Life First Policy

It is assumed that all members within The Corporate Alliance will be involved with this Organization community; however, the TCA will operate on a “real life first” policy and will make sure it’s members will not be penalized for putting life matters before the matters of the TCA.

Section 3 – Concerning nonmembers

No member within the TCA will harass or haze anyone outside this organization. You will be representing the organization as a whole and any misconduct will reflect badly. Members will refer to Section one for further details of rules.

Section 4 – Concerning Other Organizations

Should a member wish to be a part of another organization, he or she will be free to do so if said organization is not directly competing with the TCA and he or she is required to report this decision to an officer before or shortly after joining said organization. This organization wishes to avoid conflict among its members and with other organizations due to the choices of the members.

Section 5 – Overall Rules concerning all members

Article 2: Hierarchy

Section 1- Concerning TCA Leaders

The TCA will be run and directed by a few select officers under the discretion of the TCA Admiral. These officers will be known as the Corporate Council. The council will work with the Admiral in handling the day to day operations of the organization while planning future operations and actions of the organizations. The council, along with the Admiral, will also be in charge of matters of law, including the decision of punishment of members who violates the rules. All decisions on any regard made by the council will be discussed as a group and voted upon, with the majority vote winning out the decision.

Section 2 – Concerning TCA Officers

Any member of The Corporate Alliance with an officer role is entrusted to put the well-being of the organization and its members in the forefront of their minds. They will be the hand eyes and ears of the TCA leadership. They will observe and enforce the law. Should a problem arise, officers will act as mediators and as a neutral third party among disputes. Should the need arise, they are capable of making on the spot decision whether or not to suspend a member for actions harming the organization and its members but will be required to justify that decision to the TCA leadership, who will discuss the situation.

Section 3 – Concerning mid-rank members

Any member holding the rank Sergeant is entrusted to help their fellow members and have proved they are good and honorable people. These members are to help in any way they can if help is needed. They will also help officers when the situation arises. These members are there to help and to lead and are the voice of the members and will work with officer and resolving conflicts and problems within the organization.

Section 4 – Concerning low-rank members

And member holding a rank between crewman and corporal are the base members of the organization; the people who help bring this organization to life. These members can be new comers or long time veterans. They will help if they can and will keep in mind the rules of this organization.

Section 5 – Concerning the TCA

We are all here to have fun, so please do so just do not cause any problems.

Article 3: discipline

Section 1 – Member’s right to a trial

Should a member be caught violation of the rules and conduct mentioned, the member will have a hearing conducted by the TCA leadership. The leadership will listen to what said member has to say and will debate the situation and vote on a punishment suitable for the offense, from a warning to permanent banishment from the organization.

Section 2 – Serious Charges

If a member is caught and charged with a serious offense, ranging from hazing to sexual harassment, a hearing will be conducted as mentioned in article 3, section 1. If member is guilty of a serious charge, the member will be banned from the organization and black-listed which will then be communicated to other organizations so they will know of said member’s offenses and will deal with them should said member want to join. Furthermore, depending on the situation, the member may be considered as an enemy of the state. The TCA leadership, however, may have final say of punishment.

Section 3 – Charges against Officers

Should an officer be charged of an offense by a member or another fellow officer, said officer will be stripped of his or her rank and privileges pending a hearing by the TCA leadership. Should a member of the leadership be charged with an offense, the hearing will be conducted solely by the TCA Admiral and whomever the Admiral chooses to be part of the hearing.