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Terran Colonial Forces / TCFORCES

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Terran Colonial Forces (TCForces) are made of multiple wings such as Tactical Operations Wing ( Combat Operations), Reconnaissance Wing ( Tactical Data Acquisition ) & Support Wing ( Logistics ) each with their own branches.

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The year 2940 in Sol years

Sector: Sirius

Two years ago, the 301st TCEagles Commander, crashbx, formed a temporary alliance with another Squadron, the 317th Scythers, to fight pirates and common enemies in the Sirius sector. After destroying one of the organized criminal networks in the Omicron Gamma system, the two squadrons decided to re-unite the old Western Alliance. The WA fought the Coalition in the solar war long ago, but once the fighting stopped the WA disbanded, with most members relocating to Sirius to preserve their way of life. Now reunited and stronger than before, the Western Alliance was reorganized and renamed as the Terran Colonial Forces, due to the fact that its membership and influence encompassed an equal number of Terran and Colonial worlds. Not long after the reorganization, 2 more squadrons were added to TCForces; these are known as the 313th DragonClaw and 45th Werebears.

Recently, they intercepted a distress signal from their distant home in the Solar system; the home they thought destroyed. The decision was made to launch their jump capable carriers and return to the Sol system. Their mission: to investigate the source and reason for this distress signal. What they will find nobody knows, but the distorted distress signal mentioned the unification of humanity under the UEE banner and an alien threat…the Vanduul.

Estimated time of travel to the Sol system is from 1 – 2 years, even with the improved jump-drive capabilities. In the meantime Terran Colonial forces will gather their ranks and prepare for the upcoming threat.


We don’t know each other
We have different nationalities, birthplaces, ideas or religions
But just for this moment
We are bound together as one by our love for Terra
And we are free of all the troubles in space
At times, my friends, we all come to wish some things had not happened
But as a wise man once said, that is not for us to decide.
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us…
And all I can do is give you the courage to do so
Join TCForces today and earn the victory you deserve!

Known In the early days as the Western Alliance, its membership and influence encompassed enough Terran and Colonial worlds that the organization was renamed as the Terran Colonial Forces [TCForces]

Structure of TCForces

High Command

The TCForces is lead by a High command of Squadron Commanders
This is the top tier of the Leadership, where all major decisions are made regarding the future of the TCForces.
(Affiliate Commanders of reserve Squadrons are welcome to attend but have no vote)
The High Command handles the day to day affairs of the TCForces.

TCForces Squadrons

Each Squadron can specialize in one or more branches if they want

Tactical Operations

  • Space Supremacy (Space Combat)
  • Ground Supremacy (Boarding & Planetary Combat)
  • Counter Piracy Operations (Bounty Hunting & Patrol)
  • Strike Force (Bombing)


  • Military Intelligence (Data Analysis & Planning)
  • Spec Ops (Surgical Strike Team)
  • Recon (Eyes & Ears of the TCForces)
  • Exploration (Jump Point Discovery & Stellar Cartography)


  • Logistics (Shipping, Escorting & Maintenance)
  • Search & Rescue (Personnel Recovery & Medical Services)
  • Refueling (Acquisition, Processing & Delivery)
  • Strategic Resource Acquisition (Salvage & Mining)

Each Squadron is led by a Squadron Commander, while Affiliate Squadrons are led by Affiliate Commanders
*Squadrons are semi-autonomous & self-governed; the role of TCForces is to coordinate them.
Join Us

If you or your Squadron want to join the TCForces and think you’ve got what it takes then look no further…
Website: Terran Colonial Forces HQ

Official Wings and Squadrons of Terran Colonial Forces & Reserve Squadrons

45th Werebears – Main Branch: Support Disbanded

One of the newest squadrons, the 45th Werebears will always help those in need; if someone needs a piggy-ride back home, they will be there. In charge of supplies and trades for the TCF, they make sure the other squadrons will not have to search for ammunition, fuel or anything else they might need. Not strictly bound to logistics, the 45th also scout out ahead and map as much as possible for the TCF as well for other Citizens.

Language: English ( International )

301st TCEagles – Main Branch: Tactical Operations

They are one of the oldest squadron that formed during the Sol war and managed to survive since. They’ve always fought against pirates and any other type of criminals; all enemies in the eyes of the TCF. 301st TCEagles are a pure hunter squadron and they are sworn to protect and defend innocent civilians, but they can get trigger happy if you show signs of threat. 301st Squadron are also known for their “suicidal” rescue missions when other squadrons get in deep **** behind enemy lines. It’s in those situations that the 301st’s tactics and bravery truly shine.

Language: Slovenian, Serbian, English ( International )

313th DragonClaw – Main Branch: Tactical Operations

They originated from Chogoku Kusari space in Sirius sector. After the old Western Alliance did their job in omicron gamma, they left the system with no controlling government. The 313th decided to patrol that part of the universe, to prevent pirates from ever regaining the strength they had before the PURGE. Recently, when TCF pilots arrived looking for new recruits for the trip to the Sol system and to check up on the current situation of the universe, they found a few old members from the 301st TCEagles were in charge of this group. This was great news and talks about them joining TCF quickly turned into reality. Now the 313th DragonClaw are proud members of TCF and already preparing their forces to jump with the carrier. Members of 313rd are mostly German speaking, but they understand and speak English very well.

Language: German, English

317th Scythers – Main Branch: Reconnaissance

A mercenary squadron which has supported the Western Alliance in every conflict of the Sirius sector and eventually joined it as a squadron. Currently they are part of the Terran Colonial Forces (TCF), and are mostly manned with Polish speaking players. – forum in Polish – facebook page
Language: Polish, English

Terran Colonial Forces joined the Multi-fleet alliance called PACT on 14.7.2013. for common good and mutual defense.

List of Communication groups:

English/Slovenian Communication group

  1. VonBano
  2. Silence
  3. Star Pilgrim
  4. MarkoB
  5. Arch Angelo
  6. Spike
  7. Lorby
  8. Binchy
  9. WatcherT2
  10. Lign
  11. Crusher
  12. Spene
  13. Dandi
  14. crashbx

English Communication group

  1. Kiner Ahs
  2. Tortoes
  3. Luke Kenyon

English/German Communication group

  1. zapan
  2. Chris
  3. Deluxe

English/Poland Communication group

  1. Codename

English/Serbian Communication group

  1. Zeljko


Future Plans:

Because we are military organization we are also open any existing divisions/Squadrons that want join TCForces to protect and fight for Terran Colonial Worlds.

Because we already have German based Squadron and polish Squadron we are thinking of creating Slovenian based squadron which will have its place under TCForces, so if you are from Slovenia and interested you are welcome to apply, more candidates we get better chances to make this a reality.

h2. Subsidiary organization

TCForces members are free to join any subsidiary organization that they desire — so long as

the organization falls within at least one of the following criteria:

The subsidiary organization is an initiative group — such as OPPF.
The subsidiary organization is an NPC/Alt group.
The subsidiary organization is a social-only group.
The subsidiary organization is a news group.
The subsidiary organization is a racing league.
The subsidiary organization has been explicitly cleared by a majority Council vote.

Regardless of the above, all subsidiary organizations must follow all of the following


The subsidiary organization must comply with all TCForces constitutional rules concerning illegal activities (aka — not allowed).

The subsidiary organization must NOT fulfill the role of a traditional guild in any sense, in such that it may not be “another TCForces”.
The subsidiary organization must remain that, a subsidiary organization. TCForces must always remain the member’s primary organization.

  • If you want to just offer support as Affiliate to TCForces and be put into reserve list please contact High Command:(read more below)

**Officially named ambassadors/reserves to ACES may join and have TCForces listed as a subsidiary organization, being the only exception to the rule.

TCForces will continually police members organization memberships. If an objectionable organization is found, the High Command will determine if TCForces members are allowed to take part in said organization what-so-ever; all members will be bound to respect this decision without issue.

TCForces will allow subsidiary organizations to act as reserve Squadrons and all members of the reserve Squadron are allowed to be in TCF as affiliate of TCForces