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The Dignitary Division / TDD1

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THE dignitary Division Needs YOU!

LONG TERM HIGH END Backers and mature members Only . .

CONCIERGE in rank or 35 years old in age!

Contests, Pledge ship Giveaways, Scheduled Events, Officer Opportunities, and a Lottery! . . all can be found here!


  The Dignitary Division

We are Full Backers, and Believers in CIG and Star Citizen.

People with Negative attitudes Towards the Project NOT Welcome!

TO Ensure This, ENTRY ONLY by: CONCIERGE Backer-Rank or those 35 years old or older!!

Hi, I’m Chancellor Almar, I have been running MMO organizations for 30 years,
Ultima Online – ESO. My largest: 5k members in Albion . . .

Non-leader, non=officer Affiliates Welcome BUT. No officers or leaders from orgs 50 members or larger

Looking for players who share a long term vision for the future and are willing to build a TRUE community.

Contests, Scheduled Events, a working economy and ship giveaways await!!!



Discord – Voice not required but all must join

Facebook Group


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?