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Legacy Fleet / TEAMLEGACY

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    Bounty Hunting

Legacy Fleet: a Private Military company where unparalleled execution meets life-friendly scheduling. We practice a proud tradition of thorough research, an unmatched hands-on member training program, selective recruitment, and professional execution in all aspects of Star Citizen. Find out more.


Prior to operational independence, Legacy Fleet was formed as a sub-“chapter” of the Legacy Gaming / Team Legacy multi-game community by those in the community excited about the Star Citizen Kickstarter in 2012.

During 2017, Legacy Fleet formally separated its already independent resources from the multi-game community, opting to self-govern, focus on Star Citizen, and foster friendships and comradery amongst its space-loving members.

Today the independent organisation Legacy Fleet operates as a Para-Military Corporation (PMC) for hire. Members tend to seek combat action, but our interests include all parts of the game that will benefit the organisation: Mining, trading, exploration, escort for economic-focused players, planned combat operations, and everything in between.

Legacy Fleet is home to mature gamers from around the globe, with members hailing from most continents. We recruit likeminded people who are prepared to uphold our rules and behavioural expectations, while having a thirst for striving to be the best that they can be in game through co-operation and training. Our members uphold and believe in our motto of NEVER FLY ALONE, just as those contracting us do.

Legacy Fleet prides itself on its training program and teamwork, with a keen focus on achieving the organisation’s or contract’s goals. We may come off as “hard core,” but we understand that more mature gamers usually have real life commitments, and less time for games. Real life always comes first for our members, but when we sit down for an operation, we come prepared to fight hard.


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Legacy Fleet is a for-hire Private Military Company.

Our strong chain of command demands discipline, responsible member actions in “down time,” and flawless operational execution.

Our pilots and operators are available for contracted hire via our Admiralty, for tasks including, but not limited to:
  • trade route preservation;
  • 24-hour capital ship security;
  • surveillance;
  • support in legally defensible fleet actions;
  • elimination of armed undesirables;
  • movement of cargo;
  • acquisition of minerals (mining); and
  • refueling.

We guarantee mission-appropriate discretion, and client satisfaction.*

Legacy Fleet pilots will complete accepted contracts to client specifications, without hesitation.

When outside of our contract work, we believe that system security and the rule of law are paramount, and we will enforce local and UEE law when and where we deem necessary. We have a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over very long careers.

Our Admiralty’s actions are beholden to no outside organization. Though Legacy Fleet is happy to cooperate with proper authorities, our actions are our own to determine, including unsolicited enforcement of local or UEE law.

Please contact Admiral Grey with any contract-oriented or diplomatic inquiries by spectrum DM.


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*All contracts subject to written terms and conditions, to be officially approved and formally endorsed by both the client, and Legacy Fleet’s Admiralty.


Our charter can be found here.

Our policies compendium can be found here.


Interested in Joining Us? Click here for recruiting information.