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Legacy Fleet: a Private Military company where unparalleled execution meets life-friendly scheduling. We practice a proud tradition of thorough research, an unmatched hands-on member training program, selective recruitment, and professional execution in all aspects of Star Citizen.


Legacy Fleet is a PvP focused Private Military Company (PMC) in the Star Citizen universe, providing armed combat and/or security services along with logistics support.

- 2013

In May of 2013 Legacy Gaming (then called “Team Legacy”) began its Star Citizen Chapter “Legacy Fleet”.

Beginning in late 2013, Bridger and Grey started their podcast: Tales of Citizens. Informal play sessions also began, using Warthunder and Star Conflict so that orgmates could get to know one another and practice basic communications.

- 2014

Upon release of the “Dogfighting Module” (aka Arena Commander) in 2014, training sessions started in earnest. The initial focus was (again) communications and basic flying techniques.

- 2015

Training continued to evolve and, to help the community and show the depth of play already in the game, Whitesnake began the Legacy Instructional Series (LIS), a collection of guides and YouTube videos to help new pilots learn to fly and dogfight.

- 2016 to Present

Legacy Fleet continue to grow and, more importantly, increase its cadre of trained pilots and operators, who have a common core of doctrine and communications procedures to increase their effectiveness as a team.
Legacy Fleet intends to be a self-sustaining organisation with multiple disciplines from Fighter and FPS Combat, to High volume cargo hauling and everything in between. No matter the mission, Legacy fleet can be contracted to help your organisation achieve its goals through Escort or supplemental logistics support.

The LIS continues to grow and will continue to revamp and improve video quality along with ensuring that recordings match the latest patch.

Ready to sign up?

If this sounds like the type of organisation for you, Legacy Fleet is currently accepting applications.

Please note: You must apply, and be accepted, via a separate recruitment form before you can be added to our Organisation. We interview all applicants and do not directly accept new recruits from the RSI website. Please ensure that you complete the form fully.

Legacy Fleet currently does not accept players as affiliates; we are an exclusive organisation and require all organization members to maintain (and display) Legacy Fleet as their primary Organisation.

Legacy Fleet was born from and is a part of Legacy Gaming, a gaming community focused on PvP.

The full History of Legacy Gaming Community can be found on our website: http://www.teamlegacy.net/history.



Legacy Fleet is a for-hire Private Military Company.

Our strong chain of command demands discipline, responsible member actions in “down time,” and flawless operational execution.

Our pilots and operators are available for contracted hire via our Admiralty, for tasks including, but not limited to:
  • trade route preservation;
  • 24-hour capital ship security;
  • surveillance;
  • support in legally defensible fleet actions;
  • elimination of armed undesirables;
  • movement of cargo;
  • acquisition of minerals (mining); and
  • refueling.

We guarantee mission-appropriate discretion, and client satisfaction.*

Legacy Fleet pilots will complete accepted contracts to client specifications, without hesitation.

When outside of our contract work, we believe that system security and the rule of law are paramount, and we will enforce local and UEE law when and where we deem necessary. We have a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over very long careers.

Our Admiralty’s actions are beholden to no outside organization. Though Legacy Fleet is happy to cooperate with proper authorities, our actions are our own to determine, including unsolicited enforcement of local or UEE law.

Please contact Admiral Grey or Vice Admiral Bridger with any contract-oriented, or diplomatic, inquiries either by spectrum DM or using this form


*All contracts subject to written terms and conditions, to be officially approved and formally endorsed by both the client, and Legacy Fleet’s Admiral or Vice Admiral.


Legacy Fleet Charter

Legacy Fleet prides itself on being organized, driven, and efficient. Our structure thrives on a core set of tenets and philosophies that echo throughout the community and Star Citizen as a game. With keeping ‘fun’ at the core of our ventures, we make a point to encourage and push our members beyond the boundaries of their assumed limits. Here is an outline of what prospective members should know before applying to our ranks:

Legacy Fleet members work towards a collective effort, at a level of efficiency and productivity unmatched by smaller Organisations. Within a group of players, each has particular roles fulfilling and satisfying a variety of demands of the game. This proves challenging for community organizers and developers alike, with regard to how to organize and manage the resources available in the game for a much larger audience. The solution to the developing problem of how to maximize the efficiency of rewards and abilities of players leads to the most basic organization possible, the foundation of organisations like our own.

Legacy Fleet has a strong vision to provide the best environment to discuss and implement strategies in large and small scale battles. At the same time, the ideas and philosophies that form the basis of this community are fairly simple to understand and implement in practice.

Organisation Mission Statement

Legacy Fleet focuses on providing the proper environment for philosophers and theory-crafters to have open, intelligent debates and discussions on game-mechanics, play styles and top-level strategies. Together, we apply that information to become the best at competitive content, wherever we choose to play. In light of such a unique philosophy, we designed a unique leadership structure, allowing all members a chance to voice their opinion on all major fleet decisions. We strive to avoid the standard cliques and drama of most large gaming communities, and maintain a helpful, positive, open minded environment, where nobody feels they can not talk to another member based on “social or group status.” We feel that allowing everyone an equal voice is a great way to establish that environment.

You’ll see we use the term “organized” a lot talking about our organisation. Legacy Fleet uses flowcharts, spreadsheets, internal guides, social media, RSS input, alert systems, database query, surveys, data export, and many other tools to give our members a patently obscene number of options to improve efficiency both in and out of game. When it comes to organization, to make things “better” for our members is to make things easier, and that means giving them everything they need, in whatever format they need. We want to allow even our most business-oriented members to stay on top of the latest developments. Want to read up on the latest Legacy Fleet guides? Want to know the logistics of our member base? Want to know the scheduling and demographics of our upcoming raids? You can do that, right down to which members participate, what loadout they bring, and why!

We encourage members both new and old to use their areas of expertise to enhance and improve our tools and resources. Members are encouraged to contribute in any way the are willing to.

Here, new members have a chance to start fresh with everyone else, and essentially start the humble beginnings of our “legacy” alongside friends. From day one as a new member, or for current and those who have been here quite some time, every voice will count. Any suggestions or concerns members have will be heard and they will receive feedback.

Alpha and Beta Testing Mission Statement

Legacy Fleet has very thorough and planned out alpha and beta testing processes and procedures that utilize spreadsheets and feedback forms to provide the best possible feedback to CIG. We take that responsibility very seriously and require that same professional attitude from our own members. We seek to better the whole game through our testing efforts by not only finding bugs and balance issues but also by suggesting new features or better implementation of key features. Our goal is to help create the best damn space sim ever for all citizens by being clear, concise, and to the point. We are direct in our feedback without bias and aptly sincere with negative and positive findings. We find this approach is more respectful to the developers and community at large, and best serves the developing genre.

Core Rules and Standards of Conduct

Legacy Fleet hosts a detailed ‘SOP’ (Standard Operating Procedures) document for members-only. For those inquiring into Legacy Fleet and our environment, the following are what we call our “Common Sense” principles and set the base for everything else in the entire community:

  • Have an open mind. While most know their boundaries and ability, they lack the ability to accept that someone might be able to offer something better in terms of ideas or strategy than they have. We are not asking to change anything from what you hear, but we are asking you at least give respect and listen. The best strategies and plans usually come from the most uncommon places and people. Understand people on the community roster come from varied backgrounds.
  • Be able to accept criticism. Understand that your point of view is not the only point of view on Earth. Offer examples to help explain your position or point in a discussion.
  • Members of Legacy Fleet may not be a member of any other Org. Affiliate membership in other Organisations is permitted in some circumstances assuming that you and the affiliate Org are still representing our values (e.g. No piracy).
    It is not permitted to relay any Legacy Fleet information outside the Org, for any reason, at any time. Legacy Fleet is an exclusive organization. We do not share information with the public except through official channels and officially sanctioned outlets. Therefore no member should share any information, no matter how minor they may think it is, outside the Org.
  • Actively participate in events and progressive content in the titles we participate in, and teach others to do the same. You may heard it before, “We were all noobs once.” Members come from many types of games. Some have never played a Flight sim, MMO or Shooter in their life, but have the drive that will allow them to surpass most of their peers easily. If someone is honestly trying to learn, and is being respectful of your time, they deserve all the help they can get. You never know what kind of friends you’ll be making down the road by giving just a few answers or tips. Here are some things you can do:

    1. If you are not currently doing an important event, offer a hand to help.
    2. Offer advice in a friendly manner when you see the chance.

  • Leadership roles in Legacy Fleet are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a leader in a particular spot. We also actively encourage volunteers to step up to prove worth. You can be assured that leadership is working hard to make the game more fun for you, while providing the resources and organization to excel. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all orders from leadership need to be immediately followed. If errors are made, they should be reported through proper channels where they will be dealt with and, if needed, changes made to the leadership team.
  • We want to foster open and honest communication by our members. If at any time you feel that you could not speak up or felt uncomfortable due to interaction with another member we ask that you first talk to that member. If you have a general complaint, offer a solution. Simply complaining for the sake of complaining will do nothing but annoy if not anger those listening. If you don’t have a solution that is fine, but be open to discussing the solution rather than complaining and signing off or ignoring the response. If you want to be taken seriously, give the respect of discussing the solution as they did listening to your problem.
  • We are a Team. Positive gameplay is not only expected, but required. No amount of raid wipes, ganking, or anything else can hurt the community more long term than negativity. Expressing concerns is fine (actually more than fine—it’s appreciated), but keep a positive tone. Some things to remember that may help you keep positive:
    1. Becoming enraged is the biggest downfall of anyone’s character. Avoid lashing out in frustration.
    2. Do not immediately blame individuals for their alleged incompetence without proper review of the incidents at hand.
    3. Generally, the idea is “don’t jump the gun”. You just may have been the problem.

Members who cannot follow core rules and standards, are removed from the Org and the community as a whole.

Legacy Fleet Member Rights

We strongly feel the backbone of a strong community is acknowledging that every member down to a fresh recruit is a real person, and has a lot to bring to the table. These are the core rights of Legacy Fleet members that Leadership continues to enforce:

1. The right to be part of a community with mutual respect as its guiding principle.

No one knows who could be sitting on the other end of a keyboard. Community members will be held accountable for holding their tongue and keeping a stern stance on being the most respected members on the server and in the public community. If you wish have an intelligent debate, by all means have it, but keep it from public venues, including and not limited to the community and Org private discussion areas.

Members are to address each other with respect, and never talk down to one another. Do not publicly display anger; keep it out of Teamspeak, Discord, Spectrum or the game. Community members will receive constructive criticism via Voice or text based communication on Teamspeak, Discord, spectrum or in game.

In-Game leadership and Website Staff will always be treated with respect with regard to their position.

2. The right to be a part of a community free of drama.

Legacy Fleet, via Discord, spectrum, Teamspeak, live-streaming, and in-game has a no-drama policy. Community Officers and Website Staff have the final say on what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate to protect the image of Legacy Fleet.

The follow are all examples of instigating or inciting drama and are not allowed on our community or private Discord, spectrum, in our Teamspeak or by our members in game:

  • Personal (ad hominem) attacks.
  • Discussions including religious or political topics.
  • Discussions and or words that could be construed as racist or sexist in nature, to include comments with regard to sexual orientation.
  • Trolling, flaming, baiting.
  • Blatantly lewd or pornographic links or language.

3. The right to a community where members have a voice without fear of reprisal.

We wish to break away from the popular mold where elite members make all of the decisions. While there will always be circumstances sensitive enough to warrant discussion behind closed doors, there should also never be an instance where members feel they cannot speak up about something in fear of punishment or harsh rebuttal. Keep in mind there is a time and place for everything. Bringing up an idea or issue is not necessarily something that should be done in the middle of an event (e.g. during an intense battle for a space station or planet side location), but within reason members should be free to say what they think.

Legacy Fleet Focuses


Legacy Fleet is a competitive PvP community at heart. All members must accept and understand that PvP combat is the focus for the majority of the community, especially combat involving large numbers of players. There are also scenarios in certain games that will require “elite” teams of even more hardcore members.


PvE is a facet the community will also cover if applicable, as we feel strongly that the PvE environment is just as competitive in many venues. There will be events where everyone will attend PvE content. For example, these events may focus on instances and events that would otherwise be unattainable without member support. These events are to be treated like PvP events in the sense they are held to the same attendance standards if they are required.

Our focus in the community is progression and ranking. Members will fully support PvE in efforts to complete and obtain PvP objectives when needed.

Social Events/RP

There will be instances in which players will be asked to attend a role-play-type event or social gathering. While most of these events will not be serious RP in nature, they are highly recommended. An example would be an event where the meets in a local tavern to cheer on one of our arena teams as they fight their matches. Expect social events like these, as they not only provide interaction with members of the fleet you might not otherwise meet, but also shows fleet presence in the ‘Verse. We strongly believe a large function of a successful team is a consistent and real backing from those bearing the name in the organisation. We are fans and supporters of our competitive teams through and through.

While Legacy Fleet Leadership does not focus on Role-Playing events, nonetheless we have a excitingly large amount of players who live in the moment, and their gaming! You will often find opportunities to think beyond the keyboard and join in on these events. Admittedly, even some of our roughest PvPers have found themselves role-playing and better enjoying the game by doing so.

Activity and Other Guidelines


  • All members are expected to be in Teamspeak when in game.
  • All members are expected to have voice communication available (hearing only acceptable) to them.
  • All members will follow the same rules of respect and decorum when on the Teamspeak server.
  • Push to talk is to be used in public and gaming areas of Teamspeak.

In-Game Activity Summary

Legacy Fleet is unique in that we offer varied tiers of dedication to the organisation. We understand and encourage members to put real-life priorities first. Instead of forcing members to attend specific raids and events, we offer a scheduler/calender system for members to “RSVP” to the exact events they know they can attend without issue. We have found this hugely successful in not only member retention, but also respecting the busy lifestyles of our core membership base. These events are available on a schedule to the members of Legacy Fleet.

External Activity Summary

All Legacy Fleet members are required to stay “in the know” for dealings within the community. Members need to visit spectrum and the fleet Discord at least once per week to assure that they are not left out on important announcements and voting procedures. We do not require forum posting, although we are diligent in making sure that members are at the least checking their notifications on Discord or Spectrum. This actively ensures a consistent and secure environment for Legacy Fleet members on a week to week basis as the tides of battle change. We utilize a “PM” system for major notifications, among many other tools.

Any further policies and procedures are explained within the chapter private Discord or spectrum, and covered in the Legacy Fleet SOP available to members.

Maintaining our ‘Drama-free’ Environment

Due to the broad range of topics that can and will be covered by these actions, this charter does not specify specific actions for specific situations. Instead, each situation will be evaluated separately, and actions will be made based on the circumstances of the situation.

Members may or may not be made aware of a disciplinary action when it is taken at the time, but most will be advised of the disciplinary action at some point. Due to the extreme nature of disciplinary actions and the no-drama policy, action will often occur first before explanation.

Community leadership have the leeway to use a broad range of disciplinary actions including but not limited to:

  • Moderation and deletion of Spectrum and/or Discord posts.
  • Temporary (suspension) or permanent (banning) of Fleet members from the Discord, spectrum and/or Teamspeak server.
  • Suspension or removal of Fleet membership.

Anything unmentioned is generally considered to be common sense. The above only deals with the most common issues and identifies the structure of the Fleet. While we have a strong history in involving our member base to resolve issues via vote, in all circumstances the community leadership has the final say on all issues.

Contacting Legacy Fleet

Alliances with other Organisations and communities

In our early history, Legacy Fleet experimented with the idea of alliances and their tangible benefits to our community. We quickly determined that due to our membership drive and the level of organization we have developed, that the benefit is usually a one-way street. We are always open to the idea of working closely with another Org or group of Orgs, but only under acknowledgment that there are strategic gains involved for benefit of Legacy Fleet. Understand that Legacy Fleet may be contacted regarding Org relations by contacting Admiral Grey or Vice Admiral Bridger via either spectrum DM or the enquiry and feedback form here, with your proposals and a clear outline of the benefits to be gained by involved parties including Legacy Fleet, and we will get back to you quickly.

Compliments or Complaints concerning Legacy Fleet Members

If you have something to report negative or positive about Legacy Fleet, we ask you contact Admiral Grey or Vice Admiral Bridger via Spectrum DM or the feedback form above, and let us know as soon as possible. While sending this, please make every attempt to provide media links in the form of screenshots or video so that we may make a better assessment of the situation. While we try everything in our power to keep a regulated professional environment, your feedback allows us to keep a consistent image abroad.

Closing Notes

We work with CIG and community leaders to stay abreast of new opportunities. As an Organisation, we are always attempting to ensure that Star Citizen becomes the best damn space sim ever and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared Orgs and communities.