Roberts Space Industries


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  • Casual
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  • Smuggling

All right meow, welcome to Team RAMROD! We believe that shenanigans means more than just a restaurant with goofy shit on the walls. That’s why our shenanigans are always intended to be cheeky and fun, even if sometimes they turn out cruel and tragic. So hurry up meow, and we’ll see you in the verse!


Team RAMROD was established to provide both legitimate freelance work and a bit of cheeky shenanigans on the side of the straight and narrow.

Over time, the spirit of *free*lancing has had more and more of a spotlight role, and more liberal views of most UEE laws have taken hold.


The intentions of Team RAMROD are:

  1. Not to play in a mean-spirited way. Acts of piracy are NOT the same as griefing. Griefing is cruel and tragic.
  2. To engage in cheeky and fun shenanigans.
  3. To enjoy Star Citizen as part of a casual gaming group
  4. To live for the meow
  5. To support each other in the ‘verse, and provide assistance when duty calls.


Members of Team RAMROD shall always:

  • Allow others to enjoy the game
  • Don’t be a griefer, douchebag, or A-hole
  • Don’t rely on exploits to get ahead. Play the game proper!
  • Don’t claim to represent Team RAMROD during any arguments. You are your own person, not the organisation.