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Test Squadron - Best Squardon! / TEST

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Welcome Test Pilot!

TEST is the best star citizen org!

Beers are in the fridge. Drink, then pass a rigorous recruitment test at Auroracrash



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Why Join TEST?

There is probably no good reason to join TEST, you are better off going to some other org.

Still here?

Good, that means you have a blatant disregard for authority and enjoy thinking for yourself.

TEST Squadron is one of the oldest and most established groups in the game, we are the best because it says so in our logo, so it must be true.

Also, we have divisions for every aspect of the game, combat, mining, exploration etc. Many other orgs attempt to limit your game play based of their preconceived notions about how you should play. We give you freedom and a beer fountain.

TEST Squadron takes the extra effort in creating a gaming organization you can be proud of, just look at all the things we do below!

Recent TEST Squadron News and Star Citizen Youtube Video:

2021 [Click to view video]

/// ARCHIVED /// 2014-2020

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About TEST Squadron

We are a mature group of players who came together to participate in the alpha for Star Citizen which is definitely coming out any year now! I use the term “mature” loosely because that one guy in chat says he is 36 and married, but from the way he engages with the community, you wonder how he got through life. You know that guy?

In Star Citizen, TEST Squadron engages every single role and loop the game has to offer. We have a broad focus, but will most likely start to find areas to specialize in once the game goes live.

Some of the planned professions and roles are:

  • Exploration
  • Trading
  • Pirates
  • Marines
  • Miners
  • Bounty hunters
  • Role players
  • Drunk guy


You are in luck, we are currently accepting new applicants!

There are hundreds of members online right now, just drop into our discord and find a group that is involved in the aspect of gameplay that interest you. If you have any questions about TEST or Star Citizen, don’t be shy, we love meeting new people and help out where ever we can!

Voted best Star Citizen org by ourselves



“Ok, here is my plan for running this org! If we do not know what we are doing, then the enemy certainly can not anticipate our future actions!” – Montoya’s first staff meeting.


You have the right to crash your Aurora.

If you do not have an Aurora, one will be issued to you.

You can decide at any time to exercise your rights to crash in any other ship in order to make a more explosive statement.