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Task Force 1776 / TF1776

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Piracy

I wanna be a Star Citizen Ranger

I wanna live a life of danger

I don’t wanna be !@#$ed by strangers



Task Force 1776 is an organization which is the continuation of the original United States of America (Terra). Founders of the Intergalactic Federalized Planets of America, we here at Task Force 1776 pride ourselves on things like integrity, honor, and respect. Task Force 1776 is strong like the warriors of Valhalla but also as compassionate as the Anunnaki of Nibiru. You might find us trading, dog fighting, or just lounging around at a space bar sipping on a Cosmonaut Tang.

Just as Orion’s Bow stands at the ready, so do TF1776’s large fleet of ships. Just as Messier 51a spins like a whirlpool so do the turbines of TF1776’s Banu traders. The universe is a dark place; however, Task Force 1776 stands as an eternal flame lighting the way for years to come.

Send us a message if you have any questions. Furthermore, feel free to send us a message if your interested in joining or an alliance. Remember brothers…….The fire rises!


We intend to unite, trade, explore, conquer, protect, compete, band together, and bring freedom to the galaxy and the dimensions beyond, through asymmetrical unconventional techniques combined with symmetrical conventional means.


Respect your fellow brothers and sisters.

Honor your fellow brothers and sisters.

Honesty shall exceed dishonesty.

Do not start an intergalactic war.

Be straight up with your brothers and sisters.

Keep your hands clean to all those who can see.

Get on brack’s level. Scrubs.

If you’re going to be a asshole don’t bring the group down with you.

Here at TF1776 we operate on the philosophy of Aristotle: No bullshit, just cool shit.