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Remember Aremis

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The Flying Circus was forged through a baptism of fire over the skies of Vega II with the Vanduul attack on Aremis during October 5th, 2945. A motley crew of pilots and personnel irrespective of background – whether they be retired navy, militia, miners, haulers, salvagers – all were drafted into one of many provisional “squadrons” to hold off the Vanduul invasion until the Navy could arrive. The various backgrounds of the individuals in the group; not to mention the random paint jobs, manufacturer makes, and weapons configurations of their ships, were completely mismatched and non-standard. The cobbled-together force seemed utterly ill-equipped to take on the Vanduul.

Right before being thrown into action, the newly-designated CO and XO of this ad hoc unit, decided to name the group after the historical Flying Circus from the 20th century. They were inspired by the fact that their historical counterparts sported individual paint schemes on their planes which made them recognizable yet feared by their enemies. Bolstered with this esprit de corps, the newly-formed Flying Circus of 2945 performed admirably above the skies of New Corvo. Wrangling with Vanduul fighters and bombers, rearming-and-resupplying allied forces; providing medical assistance and S&R to downed pilots and crew – they demonstrated that their diverse backgrounds were an asset and not a hindrance. Mid-way through the battle, one of the members came up with the logo that would define the group from that day on. The star of Vega was placed at the center, with Aremis (Vega II) in orbit around an Anvil Aerospace Hornet – the workhorse fighter of the group during that fateful day.

After the battle, new bonds and friendships were formed. The survivors decided to enter a partnership together for future enterprises. With so many career backgrounds and specialty vessels at their disposal, they could stand to become collectively wealthy – all while serving the UEE for the betterment of humanity. This band of civilians, citizens, and former military formed the new Flying Circus of the 30th century. Rag-tag in nature but professionals in their conduct and execution: TFCS has expanded its scope to adapt to the modern needs of all law-abiding citizens and civilians.

Possessing the drive, skill sets and experience, Flying Circus team members are cross-trained in both combat and non-combat specialties. Through the group’s careful acquisition of large scale industrial, support, and combat craft over the years, the Flying Circus possesses the means to be a self-sustaining organization that can take on any kind of role thrown at them. Whether it’s crewing our flagship Idris as convoy protection, rapid extraction of rare minerals in low-sec space, long-hauling thousands of SCU worth of cargo in record time, or duking it out with those preying on the helpless — our members are ready to take on the job.


From the Beginning

TFCS formed in the early days of the Star Citizen kickstarter campaign and has kept up with development of the game from its early hangar module days to its present Persistent Universe form. We have core members that have joined since the game’s inception and stayed active throughout the years; as well as picking up new members along the way, who share the same desires and interests for the “best damned space sim ever”.

The Evolution

The Flying Circus has evolved over the years much like the game has. Originally established as a PMC, we have seen ourselves become a “swiss army knife” org. That is, we see ourselves partaking in all facets of the game that will prove interesting, fun, and rewarding.

We asked ourselves, why limit our org to a single game play loop when Star Citizen is on the path to offering so much more? We collectively decided the solution was to open it up entirely. Let’s take on combat roles. Let’s take on industrial roles – mining, hauling, salvaging. Let’s take on data running, exploration, agriculture, or science – you name it.

For the time being, we are keeping with a “wait and see” philosophy: once the other game play loops are implemented, we will be able to see which ones we are best suited for and which ones interest the group the most.

Our Aim

We are aiming to be an organized social community where members are willing to pitch in to help one another. We are a multiplayer-based org that values coordinated cooperative play. What excites us most is the idea that we can multi-crew ships and leverage the various large and small craft in our possession to get things done in ‘Verse.

Our General Attitude

We are a pretty easy-going bunch. We like to banter in between the times where we are focused on a task in-game. Many of us have become good friends over the years; many have brought on real-life friends and even family. The general attitude is light-hearted and friendly. We appreciate those with a sense of humor and some of us like the memes. We are supportive and always willing to try and help out fellow Flying Circus – both in the game and in real life. We are a pretty tolerant bunch and it takes a lot before we are offended or annoyed – but that doesn’t mean we will take crap from just anyone either.

Some Goals for our Organization

1) We aim to be self-sufficient

We want to have the means to take on any kind of small-to-large scale “operation” irrespective of game play type. We already possess a sizeable fleet of both combat and industrial ships to achieve this. And we want to get to a point where we would never have to rely on “outside help”, but have the necessary resources in members and equipment to support any kind of operation we envision or decide to undertake.

2) Regularly-scheduled operations

Operations would either be based on actual in-game events, or are a series of large-scale coordinated efforts that are planned by Flying Circus officers and members. An example would be an en masse TFCS mining and refining effort on the weekend; with our haulers loading up all the refined materials ready for sale in a distant system. In turn, we would form a convoy to haul this refined ore along with the necessary protection detail (Idris Frigate + flight of fighters, for example) to deal with any potential interdiction or attacks by NPCs or other player orgs.

The aim is to keep our skills fresh, keep the game interesting for our members, and bring our people and ships together to do some amazing things in the game.

3) Maintain an Org Fleet

Many ships have already been designated to be a part of the “org hangar” or “group vehicle pool” once the game allows for it. The owners have earmarked these ships (many capital and heavy industrial ones) for exclusive use on org operations and missions. Additionally, we intend on building a baseline inventory of “disposable” ships. These would be the small to medium fighters, industrial and transport craft that would see a higher than usual level of attrition from constant use and our members would able to utilize these ships over their own personal craft, should they choose to.

4) Offer our services to other orgs

Once we are able to play through and master the various game play loops, we will see which in-game tasks we excel in as a group. If we see ourselves specializing in certain roles, we would be willing to offer it as a service to other organizations to generate revenue for ourselves. That and it would make for interesting game play experiences for all involved.

5) Salvage/Finance/Operate a Javelin Destroyer

Rather than try and purchase one with real-world money, we’ve set this as an org goal – to one day acquire a Javelin Destroyer and get it operational. What we will do with such power once we have it? Excellent question.

6) Establish a base of operations

We envision that, in addition to having mobile forward operating bases (Idris and/or Polaris), we also establish some kind of planet/moon/asteroid outpost as well. A location that would act as a potential hub for the majority of our ships and equipment and also as a centralized spawn-point for entering into the game. It would also have the necessary medical/engineering/repair/shop facilities to serve our members when required.


TFCS Rules and Regulations

1. TFCS is lawful and loyal to the UEE

Engaging in piracy, criminal or trolling type activity in-game will result in dismissal from the group.

2. We do not tolerate any form of harassment

We’re all here to have fun. Do not ruin that fun by being an asshole.

3. Disputes and Issue Resolution

Disputes should be resolved between individuals whenever possible. Officers are always willing to assist and mediate if necessary. Don’t allow it to get to the point where there is constant bad blood or animosity.

4. Chain of Command

TFCS follows a loose chain of command whose aim is to direct and encourage teamwork and cooperation. There is no “mil-simming” nor any kind of expectation of power over members. The point of leadership in The Flying Circus is to keep the focus on the mission or operation. We also strive to involve all members whenever possible. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and are always considered.

5. Respect

Respect is a great thing. Earn it and give it – always. Have respect for your fellow members, allies, and even your adversaries.

6. Have fun!

Laughter, a sense of humour, and great conversation is always appreciated.