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The Grey List / TGL

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The Grey List – The Underworld’s Phonebook


The Grey has been around since the beginning days of RSI back then it was officially known as ‘The Pact’. It currently holds a list of pilots within it that has been kept up-to-date, the Grey disappeared for a while so as to stay somewhat inconspicuous, but has reappeared now so as to add to the listings. If you’re interested in being added, do so now, as the availability of the Grey might disappear again soon.


It is necessary for you to immediately understand that ‘The Grey List’ (AKA: ‘The Grey’, ‘The List’, ‘The Grey Roll’, ‘The Roll’ & ‘The Pact’) is not a group, fleet, squadron, corporation, business, organisation or any form of formal body. The Grey is basically a list of Independent individuals, involved in potentially and likely illicit activities, who have decided to attempt to gain access to its listings by submit their name into the directory, so as to be able to broadcast a message to other individuals in the resource,perhaps if they wish to organise an operation. These operations are NOT formal group operation, due to the Grey being a directory, they are essentially private agreements or contracts, which this phonebook type of utility help establish. These activities vary from all forms of operations, including legal and clandestine acts such as Smuggling, Piracy, Bounty Hunting, Mercenary work and so forth. Basically by adding your name to the Grey you have gained a directory and have also gained a means of avoiding blatant illegality, whilst still having the means to get in-touch with potentially illicit activities, found within the Galaxy, without being directly connected to them. Thus, those found within the Grey, would NOT be held accountable for the criminal actions of others, for simply also found within its listings, as there is no organisation to be connected to. Attempts will also be made to keep these listings away from those not found within the listings also.


The Grey has no leader as that would make it an organisation. This resource began when I spoke with other players and collect their names, so that my character had a list of Captains who could potentially help him, when it came to larger targets and difficult situations. Situations that he might experience whilst Bounty Hunting or Smuggling. As already mentioned the Grey has no leader in-game, but due to it being necessary I will be in-charge of compiling/updating the list out-of-game and will decide who is added to it, as well as removed from it. Purely so as to attempt to keep the list from getting corrupted with poor information and protect it from individuals who shouldn’t join. Again to clarify, I’m not the leader I just update the list and my character does not do this, I do out-of-game. I believe it should be viewed as a mystery in-game, in-regards to who updates and manages the Grey List. Thusly, if you want to be added contact me over the forums or on this thread, don’t approach my character in-game, because I’ll just point you to the forums.