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Apex Initiative / THEAPEX

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Freelancing

Looking for a Private Security Corporation who operates in the North American or Oceanic timezones? Look no further than Apex Initiative. We provide high quality operators to assist in all of your high risk activities, from security, to high risk mining, salvage, search and rescue, and much more.




Apex Initiative is a Private Security Corporation (PSC) who primarily operate as a Military ORG and specialise in high risk industrial activities.

“Aptet Aut Mori”


Apex Initiative as an organisation endeavours to provide high quality services to our clients in security and high risk industrial activities.


As an organisation we endeavour to become the premier PSC in Star Citizen, provide our members a supportive environment with quality training and game play opportunities in the areas of combat and industry. This environment will help foster strong team cohesion to provide our clients a high quality service in high risk industry activities.


  • To exist for its members.
  • To promote loyalty; both to the organization and among fellow members.
  • To uphold and maintain a high standard.
  • To cultivate an inclusive culture.
  • To set trends; not to follow them.


Apex Initiative Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies when representing the Apex Initiative Organization in:

  • In Star Citizen
  • RSI Channels
  • Discord
  • Social Media
  • Public SC Events

  1. We do not tolerate discrimination or disrespect concerning anyone because of sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, etc… The Star Citizen community and Apex Initiative consists of many members/officers with diverse backgrounds and beliefs so be respectful.
  2. When interacting with other Apex Initiative members/officers please use common sense and be respectful. It is important to remember the line between banter and offensive chat is grey so please be respectful at all times. If you must ask if this is offensive, just do not say or post it. When a member politely asks you to stop please be respectful of that.
  3. Apex Initiative will not abide by any bullying or sexual predation. If you feel you are a victim of either please bring it to our attention. People who are found guilty of this will be banned. APEX INITIATIVE HAS NO TOLERANCE FOR ANY OF THAT BEHAVIOUR!
  4. Do not spread rumors or gossip with the intent to tarnish Apex Initiative or its members. If you have an issue with Apex Initiative or one if its members, please bring it up to the appropriate individuals.
  5. When interacting with members/officers of the Star Citizen community please be mature and respectful because as a member of Apex Initiative your represent Apex Initiative. This also includes events like Bar Citizens, CitizenCon, ect…
  6. During training please respect the trainer and trainees and do not be disruptive. The trainer and other trainees are taking time out of their day to improve Apex Initiative by passing on or learning valuable skills.
  7. Training is not the time to question or comment on the way Apex Initiative conducts its training. If you have an issue with how we conduct our training or suggestions on how to improve it please bring it to a trainer before or after the training session.
  8. During official group operations or play please be respectful of all squad leads and leaders who are helping to run the event or activity. If you have an issue with what they are doing or how they are conducting themselves please voice your concerns through the proper chain of command.
  9. Intoxication is not an excuse for the violation of any parts of the code of conduct. If you are heavily intoxicated please consider refraining from the use of in game chat, forums, or Discord.
  10. The admittance age for the Org is 22+, applicants between 16-22 are welcome to apply and will be scrutinized harder during the probation process.

Apex Initiative
Media and Social Media Policy

  1. The Apex Initiative code of conduct applies to all social media in which our members/officers can be linked to Apex Initiative .
  2. All Apex Initiative media is the sole property of Apex Initiative . Do not distribute non-approved media outside of Apex Initiative . This includes Apex Initiative documents.
  3. Apex Initiative has a social media package which includes our public logos. These may be used as profile pictures etc in places where you represent Apex Initiative .
  4. If you are wanting to stream or record Apex Initiative activities please acquire permission beforehand from the proper authorities.
  5. All members/officers using social media linked to the Apex Initiative should follow these standards: a) Never imply Apex Initiative endorses your views, or represent yourself as a spokesperson of the Apex Initiative , unless authorized to do so. b) Avoid mixing your personal or private views, beliefs on social media related to Apex Initiative or the Star Citizen community in ways that compromise your reputation and that of Apex Initiative) # Never compromise a person’s reasonable expectation for privacy, this includes letting people know you are streaming when you are in Discord.
  6. Remember to always take care in what you say or do when officially representing Apex Initiative .