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Welcome to The Base, Star Citizen’s Premier Online Radio Station!

To listen to the station, visit

@StarCitizenBase on Twitter to follow us!


January 3rd 2944 – The Base was launched to great fanfare! A Cutlass and $100 worth of gift-cards given away on the very first Friday Night Show!

January 10th 2944 – $100 of gift cards donated by CCCorp and the True Hawks given away on The Friday Night Show

January 11th 2944 – The streams was upgraded to a 192 kbps quality – Only the best for our listeners!

January 17th 2944 – An Avenger donated by WarWulf was given away on The Friday Night Show

January 31st 2944 – A Freelancer donated by CyberianK and the Iron Fist was given away on The Friday Night Show

January to May 2944 – Multiple DJs joined the station, DJ Ro, DJ Raoul Duke, Zhane, CosmicBadger, DJ BMP and more are coming!

February 28th 2944 – A Hornet Ghost donated by Imperium Fleet Command was given away on The Friday Night Show

February 2944 – The very first podcast was streamed on The Base – VCRS was welcomed on a busy Saturday night!

March 14th 2944 – An Aurora LN donated by Oscas, after losing a bet with Ricko, was given away on The Friday Night Show

March 28th 2944 – A 315p donated by ShadeSlayer was given away on The Friday Night Show

April 2944 – The Base joined forces with Guard Frequency, Citizen Star News, Geekdomo and Sunny’s Dinner!

April 11th 2944 – The first big give-away on The Base – A Constellation from Ricko himself! Reaching 650+ unique listeners! An Aurora MR package donated by Nikkeletous was also given away on the same Friday Night Show

April 18th 2944 – The interview with Pedro Camacho, Star Citizen’s Music Composer, was aired on The Base

April 25th 2944 – Three ships were given away on The Friday Night Show – Cutlass, Freelancer and a Hornet Tracker!

April 30th 2944 – Ben Lesnick, James Pugh and Will Lewis joined Trendane and Ricko on a special show, were CIG gave away a 300i package

May 2944 – The Base gets a page on Citizen Star News!

May 8th 2944 – The Base opened it’s own Organization on the Roberts Space Industries website!

May 16th 2944 – TheSnowedOne’s show, Hull Breach, aired for the first time on The Base!

May 21st 2944 – The Base gets mentioned in the Fan Spotlight on the RSI front page!

May 23rd 2944 – An Aurora LN package donated by Fallen and a 325a from The Base were given away on The Friday Night Show

May 24th 2944 – A player is added to on their front page! More love for german fans!

June 11th 2944 – James Pugh and Ben Lesnick join the crew of The Base for a quick interview!

June 20th 2944 – The Base announces it’s next give-away, a Xi’An scout to be given away on June 27th! Check out the website for details!

June 27th 2944 – The Base gave away a Xi’An Scout ship and at the same time had a surprise visit from Eric “Wingman” Peterson on the show!

October 3rd 2944 – The Base has been taken over by the Citizen Star News Network. We welcome our Newsy Overloads!

October 24th 2944 – The Base interviews Travis Day –



The Base aims to be Star Citizen’s Premier Online Radio Station!


Supply the listeners with great music, interviews, live shows and giveaways!


1. Respect the fellow listener. These are neutral grounds for all players of Star Citizen!

2. If the all mighty Howling Monkey Hails during the Friday Night Show, you are to take a shot of your favorite drink!

3. Read rules #1 and #2