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Followers of the Cube / THECUBE

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Deep inside you can feel it… The love, magic and happiness of the Cube.

The Search must Continue…


2089 “The beginning.”

A mad but brilliant scientist, began the plans on the most brilliant, genius and massive device known to man…

The project codename was called; The Cube


The project was almost cancelled before it even began, the scope of the project was deemed to vast and complex. It was considered to be; “to Glorious for the mortal mind”.

A anonymous sponsor granted the project the funding it so gravely needed.

2103 “Birth of the Cube.”

The project began as the blueprint was being valuated.

Once the frame of the cube was nearing completion, members of the project started to feel love and compassion for the project.


The love only grew as the years passed on resulting in half the crew working in the Nude. No one questioned the sudden turn of events.

2111 “Mind of The Cube.”

The Cube’s A.I. was first tested, it was deemed a major success.

The soothe calm voice of the Cube calmed everyone, spurring and inspiring the builders.


The population around the project, started to feel the love… the happiness… the magic… They all decided to join the project without hesitation.

2142 “The Year of Love.”

The Love and Magic got to great, the entire year was devoted to a massive oily love fest.

2145 “Followers of the Cube”

As time passed over 2 million devoted followers, engineers, scientists was working on the project. The Followers of The Cube was born.

2151 “The uprising”

All of earths nations worked together to stop the Project, the Cube was deemed “a threat to humanity”, the Devoted followers of the Cube Banded together and created the most efficient military in history.


In a last ditch effort to destroy the cube, all out nuclear war began. But the cube merely got a scratch, nudist and corgi hit-quads quelled the last of the uprising.

The opposition was fools to even tempt the might of The Cube!


As the Project was nearing it’s final stage, the enitre human population was devoted followers. Wild Oily Love Fest’s and BBQ’s was taking place in every home, garden, park, workplace and toilet.


The Cube was prepared for it’s first Launch, this was the most important and crucial moment of the entire project. The Cube was so vast, so immense, so incredibly large it needed all of the Earths power sources to charge.

2170 “Launch of the Cube.”

The countdown began and the entire world held it’s breath. A failed launch would mean the destruction of the world as we know it. The mere sight of the cube made spectators juiced wildly. Slowly the Cube left the ground, speeding up as each stage finished.

As the Cube exited Earth’s atmosphere the pure speed and mass of the Device made it swerve of course and into Dark Space, all communication with the Cube was lost.


The Followers of the Cube launches their operation to find the Cube at all cost.


The Search for the Cube continues.


Principles of the Cube

Believe in the Cube and the Cube will believe in you.

Love the Cube and the Cube will Love you.

Feel the presence of the Cube and the Cube will feel the presence of you.

The Search Must Continue.


Our Mission;

To find the Cube

Our Objectives;

To trade and produce superior technology.

To spread the word of the Cube.

To safeguard the Followers.

Our Goal;

To find the Cube.