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‘‘One for all, all for one.’‘

Multicorp is a Semi-private corporation supported by the United Earth Empire.
Our main goal is to grow sustain-ably and keep a good reputation in the known universe.

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Multicorp has been established in 2939 by a group of friends who worked for the police in a city called Los Santos on Earth. The President of the CEO of Multicorp used to be a special agent and the chief of police respectively. Due to their high ranks in law enforcement organisations they had good connections in the government. In particular they had good links with the Subcommittee on Commerce & Trade since they worked closely with them during anti-corruption investigations.

The founders have experienced the power of the big organisations such as Arcorp and Hurston during their police work. Investigations were often disrupted by the big companies, which became so influential that they started to get actively involved into the daily running of the government.
Consequentially the government often didn’t have much interest in pursuing lengthy investigations and legal proceedings.
Police work became very frustrating, and the founders have decided to leave their jobs and try to start their own company which they called The Echelon.

The Echelon was initially planned to be a an elite military special operations private contractor (EMOPC), but the idea was quickly abandoned and the founders have decided to diversify the company to provide a larger variety of services. Consequentially The Echelon has received a commercial branch with the intention to expand into trading, convoying and mining.

Unfortunately, the barriers of entry were very high, because the big corporations were powerful enough to drive any new business into bankruptcy. The owners were trying to think of a way to secure additional funding. After a long search they have remembered their friends from the Subcommittee on Commerce & Trade. From their past encounters they remembered how the senators were very concerned about the ever growing monopoly power of the big corporations which started to rival the power of the central government. Furthermore, the lack of any competitors meant that almost all of the big companies were artificially increasing prices and at the same time decreasing wages, which often led to exploitative relationships. On Hurston, for example many labourers are nothing more than just modern age slaves.

Thanks to their persistence, reputation, business model and lobbying skills they were able to persuade the subcommittee to take on a part of the start-up costs in an effort to increase the competition within the economy. In exchange for the financing, the government became a stakeholder in the company, which has been renamed to MultiCorp, due to the multitude of services it provides.


MultiCorp is a very fast growing corporation today. We provide a variety of services which include, but are not limited to trading, mining, armed convoys, operations and combat. Our services have became well known across the verse for their quality, quickness and efficiency. The majority of our revenue comes from doing business with civilians and citizens, but recently we have also been given some high profile government contracts which include patrolling, securing outposts and ensuring proper tax collection,

On the other hand, we take workers rights very seriously and are known for a very democratic decision making process amongst employees, which is unheard of in the universe. MultiCorp makes sure no employee is left out.


MultiCorp is a very fast growing corporation with limitless ambitions.

Our moto is “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, a Latin phrase meaning “through hardships to the stars”. Hence we are not afraid to make reasonable sacrifices to increase the wellbeing of our members and the strength of our company.

We aim to become one of the biggest if not the biggest corporation in the universe.
The leadership of Multicorp clearly understands that this can only be achieved through collaboration and optimal use of the skill sets possessed by our members.
To this end we have decided to sub-divide the organisation into 2 tightly connected branches, the commercial fleet and the combat fleet.

The commercial fleet’s main operations include trading, mining and exploration. Multicorp’s trading fleet is considered to be one of the best in the system, thanks to it’s large variety of modern ships, the size of the total fleet and great communication between it’s members. Our traders are know for their high quality of service and quick delivery times. our miners, on the other hand, have scored some of the biggest discoveries in recent history. Regardless of the ship you own, we will find a role for you either as a gunner/co-pilot on one of our bigger ships or as an escort ship.

The combat fleet has some of the most experienced combat pilots in the verse. Some pilots started as bounty hunters, others as captains of escort ships and some are battle hardened veterans who fought on the UEE side during the battle of Oberon, also known as operation Mandrake.
Our aces hold regular exercises in the form of bounty hunting and duelling. However, our eagles are not just second to none in the sky, they are also a highly skilled and organised team on the ground and they have shown their skill on many occasions while conducting missions for the UEE, most notably on Hurston.

The main strength of the Multicorp comes from our Combined fleet. There is nothing more majestic and powerful then a massive fleet including big merchant ships and a number of military escort ships ranging from small fighters to massive gun boats. Our combined fleet has assembled numerous times to conduct what we call major operations. Those operations are hosted multiple times a week and include, but are not limited to: armed escorts of merchant ships carrying valuable cargo, mining escorts, land combat operations, trade facility lockdowns and more. Occasionally we also hold impromptu (unplanned) operations if we have enough members in the universe.

Multicorp takes workers rights very seriously, because we understand that our strength comes from our employees and their wellbeing. As such we aim at making every employee feel welcome, respected and heard. We take pride in listening to our employees for feedback and improvement suggestions. Team-work is another characteristic of Multicorp. As a group we are unbeatable.
We do not tolerate any abuse and punishments will be severe if anyone violates the rule.



Under the Non-Disclosure policy of the company, we are not allowed to publicly share our charter. Feel free to contact one of our higher ups for more information.