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Honorably Exiled – Truth before Tyranny

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The Exiled Fleet


The Fleet of the Exiled. The Traitors of the UEE.

The stories vary and the truth has long been hidden behind a carefully constructed veil of disinformation, but on the fringe Systems of the UEE the tales of the 5th Vanguard Armada, dubbed “The 5th V” by many, can still be heard in bars where bounty hunters and old grizzled pilots go to share stories and toast the fallen. In these places the discussions are fierce and often loud, they speak of pirates, bandits, outlaws all types, these stories and any scrap of information is discussed, secrets are bought, sold and traded. But as the night wears thin and a hush slowly settles over the bar, the discussions always return to the one bounty, perhaps the largest and certainly the oldest bounty every posted, In quiet, hushed tones the old timers speak of the Exiled Fleet, ignoring the disparaging laughs of the greener pilots.

The many stories of the Traitors, of the Exiled, agree on few facts, but one thing is certain. Mid-2892 the 5th Vanguard Armada was patrolling the fringe Systems bordering the Xi’An Empire when they received a distress call from a Xi’An convoy that had been pushed into UEE territory by a Vanduul raid. The Comm-links were flooded with witness and first hand accounts, blaming the 5th Vanguard Armada for glory hounding a simple recon mission. Upon discovering a damaged Xi’An military convoy, against orders, the 5th V mercilessly attacked and when confronted with their crimes, attacked UEE ships.

The truth of the matter was much, much different.

Responding to the hail, the 5th V made haste, relaying their new destination to the UEE. Upon arriving, they were faced with a crippled military convoy and were quick to dispatch aid. With repairs under way, the commander, Vice Admiral Dimitri, received a brief Code Mauve order. “Destroy the convoy. Leave no evidence.” A shiver travelled through his whole body. He knew he would not order his men to become murderers, but disobeying orders would leave him court-martialled and most of his men reassigned to the furthest corners of the UEE domain.

Flicking his MobiGlass, he sent out orders for the captains of his fleet to convene.
Thirty minutes later, eight of his top fleet captains arrived at the command flagship U.E.E. Arion. The meeting was held in a secure room, with guards posted outside. No one really knows what happened at the meeting, but for several hours the arguments’ were fierce and loud. At the end only 5 captains and the Vice Admiral returned, while 3 people, captains no more, where led off to the brig.. Their course was certain, they would disobey those orders, even though it would cost them their careers, perhaps even their very lives, they would NOT kill innocents.

Better a life of honor in exile, than a life as a tyrant. Their oaths, to protect peace and justice, superseded mere orders.

The 5th V escorted the convoy to the nearest Xi’An outpost and returned to UEE space, ready to face whatever punishment was awaiting them. On their return, the fleet was ambushed by UEE forces. Battered and bruised, the 5th V fled to unclaimed territory. The news that the entire fleet had been branded traitors by their own government shocked and nearly overwhelmed them with despair. Many captains of smaller ships abandoned the fleet, seeking refuge with other communities or trying to sneak back into the UEE where family and loved ones waited.

The dark times nearly consumed and shattered the fleet, but it was the five Captains and Vice-Admiral Dimitri that held them together, forging unbreakable bonds of loyalty. Together they founded the Council of the Exiled and with sheer determination, they held the fleet together and forged a new kind of government. A government of equality and of respect. A government that opposed the secrecy of the Xi’An, the greed of the UEE and the passivity of the Banu.

Welcoming all species, the Fleet of the Exiled swelled in ranks, ships now joining them, as they all seek a common goal. To be treated with respect and to live with pride.


We will teach those who need to learn,

Support those who need our aid,

Learn form those who can teach,


Conquer those in our way


New Era Gaming

Background Information

This community was established for the first time in March 2011, when Black Prophecy opened its doors. The clan known as Exile at the time, dominated and became the single most respected group of gamers in the game. They helped to shape the BP universe, until the game closed its doors in September 2012.

Happy for the wonderful times we had and sad for the dismal future that lacked Space Sims, the Exile Chapter of Black Prophecy split up, waiting for the revival of a true Space Sim. Several months had passed while members playing different games, but we had always stayed in contact.

The first in-game reunion took place during Star Trek Online and we are proud to have one of largest and most active fleets in STO. We also boast one of the best equipped star bases available, in the game, and are a force to be reckoned with. If you are interested in Star Trek Online, then we have the knowledge, the skill and the members to help you progress.

Fast forward, and once again fate was on our side as one of our members discovered… Star Citizen! The clock ticks as we wait for the day to draw nearer for its release… and once again an unstoppable force shall be released upon the world of Space Sims. Until then, we wait, we grow, we prepare…


New Era Gaming is a gaming community with the expressed purpose of creating an environment conducive to the type of gaming experience we wish for our members and us to have. Regardless of whether we are seen as ‘good’ or ‘evil’, we want to be respected by our friends and our enemies. It is this community’s goal to act as one united force to shape the gaming universe…

We share values and traits like maturity, skill, dedication, clear goals, and the ability to have fun in everything we do. Whether someone is a casual or hardcore player, we aim for both to play together successfully. We will teach those who need to learn, support those who need our aid, learn form those who can teach, and conquer those in our way.
New Era Gaming is more than a group of people playing games together. We care about the person behind the keyboard and want to ensure that each person joining our community truly feels welcome and a part of something great.

Sure there are times when you can not always log in to play and that’s perfectly acceptable. We all have our real life obligations. Our members are College students, Teachers, Network Administrators, Musicians, Parents, etc., and all of us mutually respect what is going on in our real lives.
Behavioral Expectations We have said from day one that we will not place any unreasonable expectations on our members and we firmly stand behind that philosophy. We do however have certain expectations of our members that we have found, upon careful consideration, to be not only reasonable but necessary for a community to thrive. We feel these are common-sense:

Code of Conduct

• If it’s not acceptable at work, in school, or in public then it’s probably not acceptable here.

• Rules of normal human decency apply.

• We are trying to keep a positive, upbeat atmosphere where all members can feel welcome.

We have a no-tolerance policy for those who seek to conduct themselves in blatant contrast to our standards. We hold no ill-will toward these individuals but have no reservations about separating ourselves from them. If you feel that our expectations are unreasonable then we are just not the right community for you, and that’s totally fine! We refer to this as our revolving door policy: It’s easy to get in, and easy to get out.

New Era Gamings’ PvP Guidelines We will not try and tell our members how to play the game on a personal level when it comes to PvP, but we do have a set of expectations that are placed upon our members. If you join our Community then you have taken upon yourself a permanent alliance. Your only true allies are those who you can trust explicitly, and it is our goal to create that trust within our Community. That said, we expect all of our members to put each other first and to serve the interests of the Guild before anything self-serving.
Below is a short list of rules that we feel are important to specifically mention. This is not a comprehensive list because there are rules that should go without saying:

• Do not hoard.

• Come to the aid of fellow Members.

• Respect the Guild’s Kill on Sight and Alliance lists.

• Conduct yourself within our reasonable behavioral expectations even amongst your enemies.

New Era Gamings’ Hierarchy

New Era Gaming (NEG) is organized into a simple and universal hierarchy. The leadership of New Era Gaming in each game operates as a Council. The Council comes together to decide, and when necessary vote, on Guild policy.

1: Member; A member of NEG is someone who has applied and been accepted on the website. Duties include game and forum participation (at what ever level you feel comfortable, but making one post to say hello in the welcome section should be natural).

2: Veteran; Minimum term of service (3 months) as member, plus factors like game participation and community participation. Elite or above may nominate a member for promotion or a member may request to be promoted as long as the minimum term of service has been achieved. Duties include in game participation, community involvement (at a higher level than members) and a general understanding of NEG.

3: Elite; Must have held veteran rank plus factors like in game involvement and community involvement. Tribune or higher may nominate a veteran for promotion as well as a veteran may request promotion to elite. Duties include organizing lower ranks in game for missions and events, bringing questions, comments, complaints and ideas to the House (Tribunes and consuls) community involvement (at a higher level than Veteran) and a detailed understanding of NEG.

4: Tribune; Must have held elite rank. A tribune is either a game leader or a section leader in game, tribunes must be nominated buy a consul and be voted on by a majority vote in the consul. Duties include organizing elite and veteran ranks , motivating all members and mission and event planning, as well as a community involvement both on team speak and in the forums. Tribune will be able to voice issues to the counsel and participate in House meetings.

5: Consul; Must have held tribune rank . The consuls are the leaders of NEG only another consul may nominate a tribune for promotion and the vote held must be unanimous for a tribune to be promoted. Duties include taking a vested interest in the workings of NEG by either either technical, political or community means , as well as a community involvement in game, on TS and on the website. The consuls main job is to provide help, support and structure to the members of NEG, to invest time, money or effort to building and growing the community and most of all to lead by example. If you think this is the rank you want to achieve, work hard involve yourself in the community and in game, reach for the stars.
Promotions are gained through dedication to the Community and proof of maturity.

Voice Communication Server

Our Community has our very own Team Speak 3 Server. You can connect with the following information: you must be a member to view the information

We encourage all of our members to log on to Team Speak 3 when playing with the Community in order to communicate better. However, we do not absolutely require that you have a mic. We have not come out and made Team Speak 3 a requirement of our members, but so far we have not had anyone blatantly refuse to at least log in to listen. We feel that voice communication strengthens the bonds between members and allows for not only better communication but the ability to get to know each other much quicker.