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GFC: Galactic Fifth Column / THEGFC

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The Fifth Column…

…has existed in one form or another for generations. A small secret society which until recently had no further aspirations but to remain under the radar and live their lives as they pleased.

The last time…

…they awakened was near the end of the 28th century, as part of the insurrection which brought down the last Messer Imperator, only to fade back into the shadows once again.

But now…

…something has stirred the Fifth Column from its long slumber. And this time, their ambitions are far greater.


GFC is a modestly-sized but tight-knit group of (age 18+) gamers that have been playing games together since we first formed as a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild back in 2011. No matter what we’re playing, you can find us shooting the breeze on our TeamSpeak server and through our website:


SPECTRUM SEARCH… Keyword: “Fifth Column”

Displaying first result….

From UEE Advocacy records of dangerous groups.

“Galactic Fifth Column is a counter-cultural gang of spacefaring punks and mischief makers: anti-authoritarian and anti-establishment yet feverishly gung-ho for ‘human civilization.’

They style themselves as puckish rogues who “laugh in the face of tyranny.” Many are believed to lead double-lives as “respectable” UEE citizens (possibly ex-military), using anonymity to mask their GFC affiliations from the public eye. Others openly live as rebels on the edges of society, flaunting their “troll pride.” There seems to be an odd obsession among some in the group for reviving ancient 21st-century internet memes, spamming the Spectrum with cartoon frogs and references to a dead gorilla.

The Fifth Column is known to actively recruit affiliates from other organizations for various purposes ranging from infiltration to establishing business contacts. They are believed they use these contacts to receive off-the-book jobs for corporate espionage and sabotage, smuggling, fencing, privateering, and other forms of less-than-legal freelancing in addition to all the perfectly legitimate contracts they take on record. Despite numerous minor run-ins with local law enforcement and their open taunting of authority figures, Advocacy investigations have thus far been unable to find conclusive evidence to indict GFC for any of their suspected criminal activities. They seem to be careful enough to work within the bounds of the law as much as necessary when operating in UEE space.”


GFC in Star Citizen will draw on our experiences from past MMOs and multiplayer games to give our members the best Org we can deliver. First, let’s cover the basics of what we expect from every member.

Stuff we need to go over…

Freedom of Expression

GFC has a tradition of promoting a very free and culturally libertarian atmosphere. So, with the exception of restrictions placed on us by the RSI Website Rules and Terms of Service

Screw your safe-space. We’re here to have fun, not to play thought-police. Personal differences are welcome so long as due civility and decency are maintained between players.

Drama Policy

Conversation getting heated? Take it to a private channel. Two players holding a grudge? We lock ‘em in a room together until they sort it out. Sad truth is that some people are just nasty, petty, vindictive, manipulative, and get a kick out of turning people against each other. Those types are cancer. We cut out cancer before it spreads.


GFC has a great tradition of spreading the lulz. Good-natured comedic trolling is encouraged. Cruelty toward innocent players, however, is a giant no-no. Don’t be an @$$hole.