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Interstellar Management Corps / THEIMC

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“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”



On the city planet of ArcCorp in 2948, a group of ex-UEE marines and civilian freelancers gathered together to create a citizen defense force that could sustain itself to create a new alternative to the UEE security forces and empire throughout the universe. After many meetings and talks they came to an agreement the current government does not serve the citizens of space but their own goals and needs that do not represent or care for those in need. Although they did not want to overthrow the current government, they wanted change for the benefit of all citizens. So the Interstellar Management Corps was created. A force that did not answer to the government but to the citizens of the universe. Wherever they may go, Their fleet reaches across all sides of the universe bringing liberty and prosperity.

Benjamin Franklin once said “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” and the IMC holds his words true to their core values.

Want to join?

The Interstellar Management Corps is currently looking for able bodies to help keep the stars beyond a free and safe place for all! If you have skills in ground combat, space combat, trading or just a citizen looking to spread liberty and prosperity to all. We are looking for you! Fill out an application and join us on our discord (here)


Our Goal

The Interstellar Management Corps is looking to make the universe a safer and friendlier place to live even if that means force must be used. We trade to create our own economy and help those in need who need it. We do not believe in the current government the UEE in governing the citizens of the stars. We believe in one goal and thats to spread liberty and prosperity to citizens across the universe who live under threat from pirates, dictators and terrorists.

How we implement it

We travel across the stars with our fleet going to citizens in need. Anywhere we are called we come to help. With our massive fleet of fighters, bombers and gunships we bring liberty and prosperity to those who live oppressed. If the universe is to be peaceful we must prepare for war against those who will disrupt that.



  • Must have Star Citizen
  • Must be Age 16+ (Exceptions can be made but no squeakers)
  • Must wear what uniform and guns you are restricted to
  • Must have Discord
  • Must follow leadership
  • Must stay in a semi serious attitude during missions


  • Respect IMC members at all times
  • No memes outside of memes-nsfw on discord
  • No inappropriate content (NSFW) in this organization. For clarification — contact an admin
  • No trolling while playing in-game or in voice channels
  • Be respectful to all players in and out of game