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The Horologion Library / THELIBRARY

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What is a man but the sum of his memories?

We are the product of our own ancient and eternal autobiography.

One which we have been writing and will continue to write throughout all history.

The library exists to serve as a conduit through which we can record and access this wondrous saga.


It is said that the origin of our scholarly order can be traced back to the 15th century in the Central European region of Bohemia. As the story goes, a group of young academics had thrown in their support behind the vision of the playwright Vávra, who’s next play told the story of a young blacksmith and how he helped liberate the land from a powerful warlord.

The academics believed Vávra possessed the skill to spin such a tale that would surely serve to entertain the nobility and the masses alike, and so they emptied their coffers to support the funding of his acting troupe. Yet the amount they had to contribute paled in comparison to the cost of funding such an epic performance. They sought finances far and wide, but were unable to come up with enough to afford the grand vision that Vávra had originally laid before them.

The academics had started to give up hope and began to force themselves to be content with a lesser performance; but just then a proclamation came from a neighboring region. A famous astronomer by the name of Roberts had heard of Vávra’s efforts and also wished to show his support. So Roberts began to spread the word amongst the people of his community and soon a new wave of generous donations rained down upon Vávra and his supporters, as if the very stars had descended to Earth like a mass of gold and sparkling jewels. Before they knew it the performance was funded far beyond their wildest expectations and Vávra, wearing an excited and satisfied smile, began laboring away on his masterpiece.

With their original goal now surpassed the academics returned to their studies but soon found themselves once again enthralled with the work of another man. This time, that of the astronomer Roberts who had just so recently helped bring their historical epic to fruition. Roberts theorized of a possible future where men traveled amongst the stars. The academics, thrilled by this new exciting prospect, began avidly studying his reports and documenting his research. The academics then decided to come together as an organization which learned from the past and looked to the future. Out of this passionate notion “The Horologion Library” was born.

The Library continued to avidly study both history and science and as the centuries passed they participated in many other academic endeavors. Now at the forefront of galactic exploration we remain as a steadfast member of the academic community, still learning from the past while looking to the future.

In modern times we are the explorers discovering new systems, the envoys touring aboard allied ships, the scientists cataloguing the wonders of frontier space, the journalists on the front lines of the war, and the diplomats serving as moderators on the universal stage.

The living breath of the universe will become its lore, and we are the keepers of that lore.

We are The Horologion Library.



The primary goal of The Horologion Library is to serve as a record of events while providing a peaceful and immersive outlet for academic discussion and the promotion of scholarly activities in the persistent universe. We are committed to expanding the available options for citizens interested in science and exploration as well as any stargazer who finds themselves enthralled with the lore of the universe. It is our wish to serve as a common ground for like minded individuals to come together to achieve common scholarly goals; as well as to provide research assistance to other scholarly projects taking place elsewhere which The Library deems beneficial to its cause.


Members of The Horologion Library will find themselves in the company of inquisitive and creative minds, all working together to promote academic studies and striving to become experts in their chosen fields of interest. Among our ranks one will find men and women dedicated to the studies of art, history, literature, culture, philosophy, archaeology, the sciences, engineering, and cartography.


Scholars of The Library will be offered the promise of information and knowledge rather than economic wealth or military power, and our research database and historical archives will be available to all members who wish to perform research in the persistent universe.

None the less, we realize that a certain amount of finance and military strength will be required to pursue our goals. So any communal resources The Library and its members manage to obtain through research, exploration, scientific sampling, or cooperation on projects with other organizations will be made available to its members for the purpose of scholarly pursuits, as approved by Library Staff.

Members wishing make use of the communal resources of The Library will contribute a portion (between 10 and 20%) of any economically beneficial transactions they manage to procure via their scholarly pursuits and discoveries, and these funds will be used to obtain better equipment and resources for future communal expeditions.


It is the intention of The Library that all its scholars, regardless of rank, be treated with respect as equals seeking a common goal, the advancement of academic research in the universe. Those scholars who also serve as members of Library Staff will be charged with various responsibilities including managing the database, maintaining contact with researchers in the field, the mentoring of new applicants, and the day to day administrative duties involved with running an organization.


The Library strives to not only record the history of the persistent universe, but to also be a part of it. We encourage active exploration and mapping of uncharted areas in space, the navigation of jump points, the survey and salvage of derelict vessels and alien ruins, participation in good natured international sporting competitions, and the discovery and scientific sampling of minable asteroids. It will be considered amongst the highest honors obtainable if a scholar of The Library manages to get their name entered into the official Galactepedia through their scientific pursuits.


The Library promotes the acquisition, archiving, sharing and trade of information and scientific discoveries in order to promote the spread of academic ideals throughout the universe. To this end we also support those looking to engage in Galactic Journalism and Scientific Expeditions.



Command Structure

The Library is designed to be an organization of like minded academic equals, and thus we will not attempt to lord over the decisions of individual members. The ranking system will be used to notate a member’s level of participation and trust within the organization. Higher ranking scholars will be encouraged to work together with lower ranks as mentors and aides, in order to promote their research and participation in Library events. Lower ranking scholars will be expected to treat higher ranking members respectfully and turn to them with questions or concerns that you feel may help you achieve your goals.

Advancement in scholarly rank will be overseen by The Librarian or an Archivist and can be promoted through participation in Library events, recommendation by senior members, and overall good standing amongst your fellow scholars.

Maturity Policy

The Library is open to all those seeking knowledge and recognizes that even in the heads of youth one can find great minds, but its doors will be closed to any who cannot uphold themselves with the maturity and demeanor expected of an institute of higher education. Those unwilling to leave their baggage at the gates will not be allowed membership, and those who cause turmoil and aim to tear rifts between members of The Library will find their membership swiftly revoked.

Multi-Guild Policy

The Library realizes that knowledge cannot be gained without experience, and so if the path of any of its scholars involves joining another reputable organization in order to pursue their research we only ask that the aforementioned scholar continues to maintain communication with Library Staff and send progress reports to our database with research notes and applicable discoveries. The Library would require that any of its members who enter into contract with another organization carry themselves with the same level of maturity and civility that we would normally expect, so as not to tarnish one’s personal reputation or the reputation of The Horologion Library and one’s fellow scholars. We hope to use this policy to promote friendly relationships with many other organizations, and to allow our scholars to conduct research and expeditions with other groups as they deem beneficial.

The Library’s piracy policies contain more information about multi-membership in notorious and disreputable organizations.

Roleplaying Policy

The Library wishes to promote an immersive roleplay driven environment to its members in hopes of fully realizing the vast opportunities presented to us by the persistent universe and all of its rich and detailed lore. We realize that not all players may wish to engage in such activities and so we will not require our members to participate; but we feel that those who choose to do so will be rewarded with a much richer experience and will be able to make more of what The Library has to offer its members.

We ask that any of our members who wish to partake in roleplay driven activities use lore appropriate names or titles, and try to remain in character when representing The Library both in game and on any public chat or forum. We expect those who do not wish to participate to at least respect the choices made by those who do and to interact with them as you would any other player.

Social Etiquette Policy

The Horologion Library wishes to promote a peaceful environment for academic discussion and exploration, and so we expect our members to carry themselves with a certain sense of dignity and civility both in universe and on the forums.

- We do not encourage participation in extremely polarized debates, except in attempts to moderate and seek peaceful resolution to such conversations.

- We encourage our scholars to help other citizens in need of aid if the scholar is capable of aiding them. Doing good deeds for the sake of helping others and promoting a generally positive appearance is an excellent way to establish friendly relationships with other organizations and recruit new members.

- We do not condone trolling, flaming, gloating, discrimination, insults, or base slander of any other forum member or organization. Any scholar taking such actions while representing The Library will be subject to immediate review by the Archivists and possible demotion or expulsion from the organization.

- Any member of The Library who wishes to participate in any form of competition is expected to show merits of good sportsmanship in victory and humility in defeat.

Aggression Policy

It is the intention of The Horologion Library to remain mostly combat neutral. That is to say, we do not encourage our members to go seeking conflict while representing The Library, as this may affect our standing with various partners and potential partner organizations. None the less, we feel it is honorable to use what means we can in order to protect our members and research interests from those that would do us harm, and do not discourage our scholars from defending themselves, the innocent, or our allies in such situations.

Anti-Piracy Policy

It is the official policy of The Library that we do not and cannot condone the illegal activities associated with Piracy and Slavery. We discourage our members from participating in events that involve “the forceful extortion of” or “violent action against” innocent bystanders; and any member who participates in acts of violent piracy against innocent civilians will be subject to immediate expulsion. Any member who is participatory in the act of “pod popping” will also be subject to possible bounty.

Although we do not encourage “undercover” research, we also realize that the obtaining and trafficking of information and goods valuable to the academic and scientific community cannot always go through strictly legal channels. So, The Library “discourages” but does not officially disallow the actions of smuggling, post battle salvage, or bounty hunting.

Hours and Time Zones

The Library will not be operating on any kind of strict time schedule, since we realize that not all members will be able to dedicate regular hours to their activities in the persistent universe. Group expeditions and activities will be scheduled according to availability and we expect scholars to go about their regular research on their own schedules.

The only regularly scheduled events will be research updates to the database, which will likely be submitted at the end of every week. To this end we encourage all members of The Library to keep research notes or expedition logs which can be submitted to the archives regularly.

Our current coverage is of the PST (Pacific Standard Time) and HST (Hawaii Standard Time) zones. These will change according to membership and we are open to members representing any time zone.