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The Phoenix / THEPHOENIX

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Is your dream to cruise through star systems, explore new worlds and fight for the good of the galaxy? Well, then we might be what you want.


There’s history to be written.


What is The Phoenix?
The Phoenix acts as a nomadic militia and exploration organisation with the goal to help people.

How are you going to protect civilians?
We will be seeking out diplomatic relations with the people who have outposts in the ‘verse and we will also be accepting beacon missions sent out by people for help.

What are your goals?
We want to build a fleet that can bring down hostile forces without the need for losses whilst still remaining mobile so we can continue our exploration of the universe.

With that in mind we also want to become self-sufficient so that we don’t need to rely on stops at Ports every day to refuel.
We also have a goal to explore the galaxy. Knowledge will benefit both us and other people. We plan to sell our information about Jump Point locations and other information. This will benefit us economically and benefit our client.

What do you do about other’s conflicts and wars?
Depending on the situation we may stay neutral or pick a side. If the conflict involves one of our allies and they ask for our help we will gladly come to their assistance.

Who are your enemies?
Our enemies are those who make themselves known as a threat to the safety of the ‘verse. For example; pirates, spies and other entities hostile to citizens.

What ships do you have and what ships are you planning to get?
We currently only have the following ships:
- Constellation Andromeda
- Cutlass Black
- F7C Hornet
- P52 Merlin.
- Aurora LN

We are planning on becoming a big fleet, therefore we are in need of all different kinds of ships such as fighters, transport ships, refuel ships, etc. Though, our dream ship is an Idris-M.

What are your main ways of communication?
Right now it’s discord with spectrum as a more secondary way of communication until spectrum catches up in quality and having an app.


Org rules
  1. “Honor. No matter how dire the battle, never forsake it.”
  2. Show respect for your fellow members.