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The Pioneers / THEPIONEER

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The Pioneers, the first to settle new frontiers, left the Sol system behind. They explored the galaxy and settled on Stanton, waiting for the jump point to reopen. Join Us and be part of history.


The Pioneers are a group of interstellar explorers and protectors who have been charting the unknown reaches of space for centuries. It all started with the launch of humanity’s first interstellar starship, the Artemis, in 2232. This mission opened humanity’s eyes to the possibilities of the universe and led to the discovery of the first jump point, a natural wormhole. Over the next few centuries, many new systems were discovered and humans began to scatter throughout the galaxy.

In 2438, a Pioneer vessel made first contact with an alien species, the Banu, changing the course of human history once again. A few decades later, in 2681, the Vanduuls made first contact with humanity by attacking the Dell Township. This event led to the decommissioning of the Pioneers’ original exploration ships in favor of armed exploration vessels.

During the early 28th century, the Pioneers joined forces with ArcCorp, shifting their focus from exploration to mining. They gained a license to operate as both an exploration and mining organization. Over the following decades, many new colonies, corporations, and ship manufacturers arose. The Pioneers became a fully operational organization with a mission to protect humanity from unknown dangers. They were registered as a non-military exploration mercenary division.

In 2712, the Pioneers commissioned the purchase of a Constellation Aquila fleet. Ten years later, they added a Carrack Expedition fleet to their ranks.

Today, in 2951, the Pioneers are a growing group of explorers and protectors. They are exploring the Stanton system with a large fleet and a diverse group of members with various professions and roles. If you think you have what it takes to be a Pioneer, and are ready to discover the unknown while making a profit, or to defend humanity with your skills, join us. We are currently recruiting for roles in exploration, mining, bounty hunting, trading, medical, and more.

Join the Pioneers Discord at the following link: The Pioneers Discord


The Pioneers – We quantum travel into the unknown.


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