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The Pioneers / THEPIONEER

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    Bounty Hunting

The Pioneers were the first people to settle in new frontiers. Leaving the Sol system behind to open new opportunities for Humanity and its survival. They have explored the edges of the galaxy and settled back to Stanton waiting for the Stanton – Pyro jump point to re-open once again. Join Us


The Pioneers first mission started with the launch of humanity’s first interstellar starship Artemis in 2232.

This mission opened the eyes of Humanity to whole new possibilities leading to the discovery of the first Jump Point, a natural Wormhole. Following this event, numerous new systems are discovered and the human species slowly scatters around the verse.

In 2438, a Pioneer vessel makes its first contact with an Alien Species, the Banu – this changed everything once again.

In 2681, Vanduuls make first contact attacking the Dell Township – due to this incident, the Pioneers original exploration ships are decommissioned to make space for armed exploration ships.

Early 28th Century The Pioneers collaborate with ArcCorp which shifts focus from exploration to mining – The Pioneers gain a license to operate as both an Exploration and mining organisation.

In the following decades many events unfold: new colonisations, corporations, ship manufacturers arise. The Pioneers become a fully operational organisation focusing not just on exploration and announcing the collective mission to protect Humanity from unknown dangers: The Pioneers is registered as a non-military Exploration mercenary division.

In 2712, The Pioneers commission the purchase of a Constellation Aquila fleet.

In 2822, The Pioneers commission the purchase of a Carrack Expedition fleet.


Today, year 2951 – The Pioneers are growing in numbers. Exploring the Stanton system, with a large fleet and numerous members ranging in experience, classes and roles.

If you think you are a Pioneer just like us and ready to discover the unknown making a good profit out of it, or looking to defend Humanity from unexpected dangers with guns or medpens, then this is the right place for you.

Join the Pioneers

The Pioneers are recruiting for following profession roles are:

Bounty hunting
and more!


The Pioneers – We quantum travel into the unknown.


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