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To New members, get on Discord, details are posted on our Spectrum page.

There is a place for anyone within the RAC regardless of skill or resources.

We do everything from Exploration to Security.

We are your go to PMC Hire us, and we promise results!


After escaping the tyrannical grip of a most unpleasant non-native dictator, we set about building ourselves and our closest allies up into a power to be reckoned with. So as to never again fall under the hand of the foul TIT that had so oppressed us.

The core group consisted of the dictators most powerful commanders and their assets.
They are now the Directors, Admirals, Commodores and Captains, who lead their branches and fleets from the bridge of their capital ships. Many of these have real life military experience.

As our creed echoed through the void, more joined our cause; so as to never be under the heel of tyranny again.

Freedom of choice and mutual respect became our core philosophy and guiding principles.

With many members comes more power.
With more power our ability to shape the future takes form and our services become highly sought after.
Exponentially we formed larger and larger fleets, making our presence known throughout the verse and the RAC emblem synonymous with power and responsibility.

We see ourselves as bringing order to a universe in desperate need of it.

Welcome to the RAC where our creed is:
Take no sides, take no bribes, the Contract is all.


We are dedicated to the contract first are foremost!

We will take on any Contract!

With that being said, Piracy is something we do not align ourselves with; Though, we may have a different definition of piracy than most organizations:

- Harassing other organizations
- Corporate sabotage
- Asset Seizures
- Delivering weapons and ship components to known pirate groups
- DAC (Direct Action Contracts) against a competitor
- Infiltration
- Transport of illegal goods, etc.
- Kidnapping of High value Targets in cases authorities want them alive as opposed to dead.
These are not considered to be Piracy by us, but rather an extension of the ancient custom of privateering.

What we are not involved with is:

- Random Commander killing
- Harassing
- Griefing etc.
But, obviously we never miss out on a good Bounty or a Most wanted.

Contact with our Organization and with it’s members will be kept to a minimal to help ensure the privacy of our members and your objectives.

Our fee is based on a number of variables like:

- Size of operation
- Number of ships involved
- Risk factor
- Potential backlash to our organization following DA Contracts
Also includes other factors that may arise.

These are condensed into static prices for your convenience, to be adjusted according to size of operation.

Repeat costumers may receive discounts and priority on certain repeat Contracts.

Once the Contract is signed, it will not be renegotiated without both parties consent. Your contract is in our hands and will be carried out to the letter.
Any attempt on the side of the customer to subvert the terms of the contract will be met with punitive actions: i.e. we will reimburse ourselves at your expense.

With Contracts being the focus and drive of our PMC, you can feel at ease with your selection of The RAC to carry out your needs with discretion above all. We pride our selves on our dedication, privacy and ability to tackle any objective!

We Always meet our Contracts, there is nothing in between.


This organization is dedicated to being the best PMC for hire in the verse.

We pool our resources, every member at rank 1 and above have the right to use any of the ships in our combined fleet.
If you have a capital ship you are afforded the rank of Commander. Examples of this is the Carrack.

If you own a capital combat ship like the Idris, you will be afforded the rank of Captain, this will not mean that you will automatically command a fleet or gain extra permissions within the guild, but Captains are allowed their freedom to create their own semi-independent fleets if they can gather the manpower.

Our Main DA & Support fleet is based out of the Sol system, with smaller flotillas scattered throughout UEE space in order to react to time sensitive contracts faster.
Our Merchant fleet is based out from Terra.

For the rights to use any ship in our fleet at any time, you are expected, but not obligated to pay a portion of your earnings in taxes to our treasury. This does not count when using your own ship. Though the more you show your dedication to furthering the org as a whole, the more responsibility and power you gain.

The treasury is for improving the clan as a whole. Examples are outfitting Javelins, Idris, and Polaris vessels foremost, but will also be used to buy bigger and better ships to complement our fleet.

Players in leader positions will be expected to donate to the treasury regardless of the situation, though the amount is up to the individual player.

Tax is set at 5% of mission income.

Every players contributes to the org as a whole. Though they have free reign as how they go about doing this, completing warrants and contracts are the best way to do this.

When fighting fleet battles or hired by another org to do a specific task, members are expected to participate and stay in their asssigned positions.
When hired to do a job, we will treat the contract as gospel, and the person(s) accepting it shall not rest nor focus upon anything else until the contract is fulfilled.

Our leadership structure will follow a quasi-democratic system with a high council governing our goals and plans.
Everyone is equal in the guild however, there are no special treatments, and anyone can reach the higher ranks.

The Ranks are there to tell where members are in their training and what contracts they will have access to, the higher ranks do not get to boss other members around.

The exception here is the CNO, who is elected to run the guild by the council and serves as our commander-in-chief.

We will primarily put military officers in leadership positions according to their background, but this is the norm, not the rule. If you show skill in tactics and strategy we will give you the opportunity to lead your own flotilla or fireteam depending on your playstyle.

There will be three separate branches:
- DA Naval Forces
- Infantry & Support
- Merchant & Industrial,
each will have a Director (given honorary rank of Vice Admiral) overseeing the individual branches, and Commodores overseeing a particular fleet within the branch (of which fluctuates depending on what is being done at any given time).

Ship captains are expected to lead their own crews however, this cuts drastically down on micromanagement and allows the ship captains greater flexibility in ship to ship combat.