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Reclamation Apprehension Coalition / THERAC

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The Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, commonly called The RAC, is an independent organization that operates in several star systems. The RAC licenses, governs, and disciplines Reclamation Agents and issues Warrants for clients. The RAC’s local headquarters is a Space Yacht, which is also referred to as The Rack.

Reclamation Agents, known as Killjoys across The Verse, are multidisciplinary professionals who are licensed to pursue specific types of Warrants throughout the galaxy. They have broad authority within the narrow window of Warrant Enforcement, but no power or interest in local laws. Very skilled and highly competitive, Killjoys work in a regulated occupation, with specific rules and harsh consequences for breaking them.


Each warrant authorizes an agent or team to engage in a specific mission, such as retrieving an item, capturing a criminal, rescuing a hostage or protecting a client. Warrants are subject to an approval process, and getting a level 5 warrant approved generally requires considerable money and power. Officially, the RAC is not supposed to approve warrants on political opponents.

Reclamation Agents have considerable leeway in the pursuit of warrants, however they can be subject to fines for collateral damage and penalties for misconduct.

Standard warrants:
  • Level 1 Warrant: Reclamation Warrants
  • Level 2 Warrant: Transfer Warrants
  • Level 3 Warrant: Apprehension (Live) Warrants
  • Level 4 Warrant: Apprehension (Living or Dead) Warrants
  • Level 5 Warrant: Apprehension (Dead) Warrants

Other types of warrants:
  • Claim and Clear Warrant – C&C Warrants allow Killjoys to salvage abandoned vessels.
  • Hostage Exchange Warrant – A derivative of the Level 2 warrant, Killjoys are hired to exchange a prisoner for a hostage.
  • Black Warrant: A competitive warrant where several teams are sent against a single target. This warrant can be set at any level, and the level may change during the execution of the warrant
  • Medical warrant – Dispatch medical vessel to a designated location

To issue warrant please contact a RAC officer.


Reclamation Agents
Reclamation Agents are responsible for carrying out warrants. They are also known as Killjoys.

Warrant Brokers
Most warrants are handled through warrant brokers. Various warrants are handed out to Reclamation Agents based on their level allowance.

RAC Officers
Officers form the management of the RAC, handling recruitment, licensing, discipline and warrant approval.
High ranking officers are assigned to the Office of Interstellar Expansion to handle interstellar business such as setting up branch offices in other star systems.