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T.I.M.S-Terran-Industrial-Mining-a.-Security / TIMS

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Welcome to TIMS. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us.

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With the discovery of Terra in 2516 and an increasing commercial interest in the system in following years, the requirement for industrial infrastructure grew immensely.

With more and more Jump Points being discovered in the System the United Nations of Earth (UNE) decided to dedicate Terra II, a hot, almost habitable planet, to the driving force behind Terra’s resources and economy management. Quickly Terra II, now named “Pike”, was built into an automated mining hub, capable of sustaining commerce and growing the Terra System.

Even though the automated Pike mining system was built so human presence was kept a minimum, a couple of smaller mining organizations and companies had to be contracted for maintenance on the highly complex facilities.
One of these organizations was “Terran Industrial Mining” a new organization who’s founder Lynn Mao, one of the software designers responsible for code running facilities on Pike, was given a contract over maintaining parts of this new piece of infrastructure.

When in August 9th 2922 a virus known as “DeathGrrr” caused a massive breakdown in Terra’s economy, Terran Industrial Mining lost almost 60% of their UEE market value due to the inability of mining and transport ships navigating the system and reaching their destination in time.
This incident caused the organization to rethink their orientation and ability to secure their own interests which led to the creation of their own department of security.
After this chain of events the company rebranded itself and is now known as “Terran Industrial Mining and Security” (TIMS).

Its headquarters is located in Nova Kiev, Terra, also home to one of its biggest clients “Anvil Aerospace”.
It is currently responsible for maintaining a vast number of UEE held mining facilities as well as conducting mining operations in dozens of systems within the UEE territory.


TBD soonTM


UEE friendly but self sustaining