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Roberts Space Industries

Tiberius Stellar Industries / TISI

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Welcome to Tiberius Stellar Industries

Space is where we thrive


The year was 2710, life among the citizens of Tiberius was peaceful and tranquil under the supervision of the United Republic. Freedom of speech and equality for everyone, made it seem like the perfect place to call home.
After 200 years of peace, a radical element named the “Promised Group” started a civil war. The presidential city of Gulmere was the first to be attacked. President Jaha and the rest of the political leaders were forced to fled to a distant moon in the Tiberius system.

On the 10th of January 2911, one year after the events on Tiberius, The United Republic sent royal troops to find and destroy the Promised Group, A new war began.
On the 29 of April 2930, the government of Tiberius started building bunkers under major cities of the planet. This allowed them to build mighty ships to fight the Promised Group with.

The war lasted 20 years, unfortunately concluding with the destruction of both the Promised Group and the planet of Tiberius.

The remaining government officials set out on a mission to find a new planet to colonize. After 15 years searching, Thera Prime is there new sanctuary.
On the 25th of May 2950, Tiberius Stellar Industries was born with Fleet Admiral Adam Prescott at the helm.

We are an Australian Based Org but we are a multi national Org with people from all over the world.




We Tiberius Stellar Industries are willing too take on anyone willing, To learn and grow with us, we do not condone piracy in any way shape or form, We will deny any affiliation with you if you are caught by the authorities.

The Mission

The Primary mission of Tiberius Stellar Industries is to protect Thera Prime and explore the universe in search of new allies, As the history of Tiberius tells us the perfect planet wont be around forever.
Our old world may be destroyed but with the teamwork and dedication of Tiberius Stellar Industries we will grow and thrive together. For Thera Prime….


Board of Directors
  • President TiSI_AdamPrescott
  • Vice President TiSI_TGSlasher
  • Support Executive TiSI_MantisKinden
  • Security Executive TiSI_Silver-Joker
  • Industry Executive TiSI_Craptastic
  • Logistics Executive TiSI_Cbannock
  • Exploration Executive TiSI_David-Washington (temp)
  • Recruitment Team Leader TiSI_David_Washington
  • US Correspondent TiSI_SpaceChez

Division Leaders

  • Logistics leader Cbannock [Cargo Running/ entrepreneur/journalist]
  • Industrial leader Craptastic [mining/salvage/Construction]
  • Support leader MantisKinden [refuel/rearm/repair/medical/search and recovery/tug boat captians]
  • Exploration leader david-washington (temp) [data running/path finding/diplomacy/science]
  • Military leader Silver-Joker [security/Bounty hunting/Pmc]


Together the Brotherhood survives

Each part of this charter should be referred to from time to time to ensure everyone has a rough idea of it.

A.C §1: Rules and Principles of TiSI

  • The basic rules and principles of being a member of this group. There is one key subject area and topic here, gaming.
  • There will be a zero tolerance to the vilification, harassment or slander of others.
  • If you don’t like an opinion, a person’s name, sexual preference, country of origin or comment then ignore the topic, this is social media you don’t need to create an argument because you don’t like something.
  • We are open for civil discussions about competing points of view, we all have opinions, however if it turns into anything mentioned in Rule 1, mods will step in.
  • Mild banter/joking is ok, however if someone feels it has gone too far please let a mod know
  • While the leaders will try to be as active as possible, we are people and we do have lives if a senior member doesn’t respond straight away, we will get to you as soon as we can

A.C §2: General Guidelines

  • Meetings will be mandatory only for those able to attend, whether that’s in-game or on Discord. Notes will always be made available after every meeting so there will be an opportunity to contribute even for those unable to attend due to IRL issues.
  • If support or backup is requested by an allied organization, we are to delegate idle members to them ASAP, while those on critical or time-sensitive jobs will be required to stay on mission until their job is completed. Any member expenses, unless covered by our ally, will be paid out of our core fund.
  • All members will be allowed to do any job they want, regardless of Division, but you will be asked upon joining to decide your preferences for easier management. Don’t worry, you can always change Divisions later if your personal outlook or ship selection change for any reason. Just keep in mind that doing well within your Division might lead to a promotion.

A.C §3: Membership Requirements

  • Being a member of another organization is perfectly acceptable so long as their goals are not a direct conflict of interest with our own.
  • If you are a member of another organization with redacted status, our administration has a right to request you reveal to them the identity of the organization for everyone’s security.
  • Your membership of Tiberius Stellar Industries may not be redacted unless approved by a member of our administration.

A.C §4: Ranking Structure

  • There are 8 ranks in the org from Director to Applicant.Everyone starts as a Applicant and by working with the org during missions or just generally helping out you will work your way up through the ranks. Whether you’re going to be blowing things up or mining for resources, everyone within the same rank is equal.
  • Each of our 5 divisions has a leader and it’s your responsibility to report any problems or issues that you may have to them. Secondly if they are impressed with your work they can recommend you for a rank promotion or even a promotion within your respected division.
  • To be promoted from Trainee to Employee you must receive 5 commendations from your fellow org members (employee or above).
  • Training mission are being implemented at the moment which will may replace the 5 commendation system in the future.

A.C §5: Rules of Engagement

  • No civilian targets. Whether we suspect them of being a shell company for a pirate organization, or they just took a job shipping illicit cargo without realizing who the job was from, we will not attack or destroy them unless fired upon. If we have good reason to suspect them, we might ask nicely to inspect their cargo or discuss their destination.
  • If attacked unprovoked by a member of another organization or syndicate, members should attempt to ascertain the name of the attacker, as well as their faction so that a retaliatory strike can be prepared.