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Titan Incorporated / TITANINC

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Resources

Titan Incorporated

Doing The Impossible


Welcome to Titan Incorporated (TITANINC)

Here at Titan Incorporated we think nothing’s impossible! We strive to explore the galaxy and to find new things.

The Things We Do:
- Exploration
- Security/Bounty Hunting
- Scouting
- Trading
- Mining
- Transport
- Resources
- Infiltration
- Freelancing

Exploration/Scouting: Our goal is to explore the galaxy.

Security/Bounty Hunting: We want this to be, a sort of PMC because here at Titan Incorporated we want to protect our own people as well as others. We want people to be able to hire as to help protect want ever they need protecting. For example, escort them, protect their base, take out a target if needed. etc.

Trading/Transport: We want to be able to offer help with transporting things across the galaxy. We also want our members to be able to trade things as well, so if you like trade come on in and join us.

Mining/Resources: This one sort of links up with trading because once you are done mining/finding resources you might want to trade them, because here at Titan Incorporated what to make your inner entrepreneur come out.

Infiltration: This one is a bit of a specialty because we won’t use it all the time. We will use it when we want to know information about our enemies or when our security teams are doing an operation and need to know more.

Freelancing: This one fits in to the PMC part because like i said before we are up for hire to do jobs if you need our help.

So if any of these roles intrigue you please come join Titan Incorporated to help do the impossible! Because, remember nothing is impossible.

(you can role play if you want too)

Join today!!


Our Steam Group
The Hydra Alliance Steam Group


In Titan Incorporated we have one goal and that is, to do the impossible!!

In Titan Incorporated there is no boss. But there is a chain of command, if a officer tells you stop, stop immediately. If a officer is abusing you or not being fair report him too, Trooper1489 (trooper) or a high ranking officer.

Come and join us today.


Please follow these rules

  • Don’t harass or be racist to other players
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t open fire on allies and friendlies
  • Don’t steal, kill or extort any member within the group
  • Members have the right to defend themselves from enemies

Rules of engagement

  • Do not open fire on allies and friendlies
  • Members have the right to defend themselves from hostiles enemies
  • If you are flying around and you see a neutral or maybe friendly ship (or maybe more then one ship) DO NOT open fire unless they open fire on you. IF they open fire on you, then you can return fire!!!!

Please follow all of these rules