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Titan Squad / TITANSQUAD

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“As a member of a local trading guild it’s always a sight for sore eyes when you see the first Titan Squad ship exiting from quantum drive.” – Joe, Local Trading Corp.

Titan Squad is there when you need us the most! Contact US Now!





Titan Squad – An up-and-coming Star Citizen Private Military Corporation

Titan Squad is a specialized private military corporation that focuses on doing the jobs that you and your organization doesn’t want to do, or doesn’t have the skill set to do. After finishing our rigorous training program our officers and members have the skills to do almost anything, civilian or military. This means we are able to, for a price, help your organization when they most need it.

Are you a small trading org in need of escort? Do you need to move your newly mined materials through low security space to hit your deadline? Are you engaged in a war with the local pirate organization and need a hard hitting vanguard or capital support? Then we are the ones you should contact. We are a law-abiding organization, which means we do not accept contracts from Pirate Organizations.

Some of us have been supporters of Star Citizen since the Kickstarter, others for a few weeks. We welcome everyone, but we look for quality over quantity. So if you are someone who want to do more that most in Star Citizen, or take charge of your own specialized department, then we are the right fit for you. If you want to chill, avoid drama and have strong leaders that gives you direction and makes your gaming experience fun and engaging? Then we are a good fit. Welcome to apply to Titan Squad!

We stream our Flight Nights and/or FPS Training on Twitch every Friday. After training with our veteran officers; everything from the basics (how to handle weapons and equip you and your ship); to more advanced training (where we learn how to breach and efficiently board and/or defend ships, etc); you will get the skill-set to do anything you could every want to do in Star Citizen. Just better than everyone else!

We are also the official Star Citizen organization of the Titan Gaming Community family. More about Titan Gaming and what we do below.

Titan Gaming Community

Titan Gaming was formed by a group of veteran officers that wanted more from their gaming experience than “just” running the best PMC in Star Citizen. They decided to then start a general gaming community.

This way they were able to invite their non-Citizen friends into their gaming world and suddenly, they were quite busy playing other games and enjoying being part of a great community. You are more than welcome to join us as well!

We also play the Swedish Tabletop Role-playing game Trudvang Chronicles on Titan Gaming. We stream it on Twitch every Sunday starting at 1 PM (UTC+1) with our now two groups. If you missed our streams, check out our YouTube channel or click the video below to get to our playlists of both Trudvang and Star Citizen gameplay.






Titan Squad – The PMC Vision

Titan Squad is an up-and-coming Private Military Corporation that values quality members over quantity. With a cap of about 500 members we look for only the best of the best, or players that want to become the best.

To make sure our members are in fact the best at what they do we offer a rigorous training program tailored after your goals and plans for your career in Star Citizen. We offer specialized programs in Bombing, Scouting, Ground Combat, Space & Atmosphere Combat, Medicine, Black Ops, Capital ship Operations, Bounty hunting, Breaching & Ship security (Marines) and various Support Services like Mining, Refueling, Salvaging and Exploring, etc. There is something for everyone, but if you want to get the most out of joining Titan Squad you should have a big interest in Combat Operations of some kind.

Well structured, and Officers coming from real life Navy and Military.

With an already well laid out structure and training schedule, as well as some of our officers being real life navy and military veterans, we feel we could be one of the most well prepared and organized Private Military Mercenary corporations in Star Citizen. We will future releases running, and if you like to keep up then click that join button right now or contact one of our recruitment officers for more info.

Are you from an Organization looking for Military support?

Once the game is launched we plan to work as military for hire. We won’t accept just any jobs though, as we have a moral code we all need to follow. Corporations and Organizations will forever find reasons to go to war, and we will be there to back them up if they are able to afford us. Local mining guilds and traders need escorts, especially for major operations. We are there to support them. Planning a raid into Vanduul space? Need that extra fire power? We are there to support you. Need to find out when the pirate org two systems away are planning to strike at your operation? Maybe you could even use some support in defense once they attack, or maybe you want to do an alpha strike and cripple them before they had a chance to act? We are there to finish the job. And against Pirates we give a discount!

Sounds hardcore? That’s up to you!

This all might sound quite “hardcore” and you might think that joining us will be a lot of work and time you don’t want to spend. That is not the case. We accept all members, as long as they are drama free and willing to become a part of our gaming family. We don’t require any of our members to attend meetings or training, and we won’t punish those who don’t come. BUT if you want to advance in our ranks and do more than just be a grunt then you might want to take your passion and carve out a place in Titan Squad. There is a ton of opportunity to add or change the structure and departments if you have the passion and drive to run a specialized department yourself. It’s all up to you, and how much you want to commit.

In the end, remember, real life comes first. Our members are many older gamers and most of us have our own families and responsibilities, so we know. Real life comes first!



We are also part of a Gaming Community called Titan Gaming Online, this is something we set up to play other games than Star Citizen with our member’s friends and families. Everyone are welcome in the Titan Gaming Community (even Console gamers!).






Greetings Citizen!

We are a community of veteran gamers and to make sure you are on the same page as us, please consider these RULES and regulations before applying to join Titan Squad.

Real life comes first!

You are as hardcore and commit as much time as you are willing. But as many of us have our own families and obligations we recognize the fact that; Real Life Comes First!

No Drama!

We all have some kind of history involving drama of some kind in games. We don’t want that shit here. If you are changing organization to avoid drama, we might be the right fit. Just make sure you don’t bring the drama with you.

Affiliate or Main?

We accept affiliates as well as mains to TITAN SQUAD, but if you want to take up a leadership position in the organization then we need you to choose us as your main organization.


What to do next?

To make your entering the ranks of Titan Squad PMC easier, please provide us with a basic introduction and information about yourself and your current needs and wants. The information provided here is strictly for the officers of Titan Squad and used for organizational setup and operations.

Please include the following:

  1. RSI Handle / Spectrum Handle
  2. Short introduction (your ships, plans for game release, what you would like to do in Titan Squad, etc.)
  3. Country / Time zone
  4. E-mail (optional)
  5. Steam (optional)
  6. Real name (optional)

Nice to have you recruit, we look forward to seeing you on discord and in-game soon!

Best regards,
Titan Squad – Joint Chiefs