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The Cerulean Order / TKCO

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  • Casual
  • Security
  • Freelancing

Welcome to the Cerulean Order. We are an anti piracy/ anti griefer organization. We offer our services to those who need protection. Our membership is casual but you will need to learn our tactics and support the code in order to gain rank. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


The Knights Templar started out as “The Poor Knights of St. John”. They were a small band of knights that dedicated their lives to the protection of pilgrims on their way to the holy land. Much like that noble order of knights, the Cerulean Order focuses on protection. Our aim is to use our resources to protect players that cannot or who do not wish to engage in combat and to root out “griefers” where ever we find them. Our services are free though support is welcome as it will allow us to be more effective in the future.

Why Cerulean? The color blue has a long history of signifying protection and support which is at the core of our Order.


Nobles Oblige
To aid the less fortunate wherever possible

The right to bear our coat of arms comes with the responsibility to bear arms in the defense of others

For the Order’s and your own personal honor; Be kind helpful and respectful to others.

The Ten Commandments of the Code of Chivalry
I. Believe all that the Order teaches, and observe all tenets of its code.
II. Defend the Order.
III. Respect all weaknesses, and constitute yourself the defender of them.
IV. Love the country in the which you were born.
V. Do not recoil before the enemy.
VI. Make war against the griefers without cessation, and without mercy.
VII. Perform scrupulously your feudal duties, if they are not contrary to your honor.
VIII. Never lie, and remain faithful to your pledged word.
IX. Be generous, and give largess to everyone.
X. Be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.


The Cerulean Order is a group that focuses on honing our combat prowess through the adaptation of tactics used in various Navies and Air Forces around the world. The Order uses those tactics in the protection of the Citizens of the Verse. You are welcome to join our ranks as long as you adhere to our values regardless of your history, ethnicity, or creed.