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Roberts Space Industries ®

The 131st Legion / TLGN

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Social

We are citizens of the stars, we are The Legion.


The Legion is an idea, come to fruition off the lips and minds of the citizens of the stars. We have always been there, doing the things that need done, finding the things that couldn’t be found. Officially founded 5 years ago, The Legion has grown into a movement, a force of will. Never to be confined or ruled by one, The Legion is all.


The Legion is an elite movement, tasked with keeping order in an otherwise chaotic galaxy. Whether the task is to find, explore or terminate; no one does it better.

No job is too big, no target too safe and no distance is too far.

-Private Security
-Combat Training
-Location and Reclamation
-Secure Transport


Legionnaires follow a set of very simple ideas:

-The Legion is family
-Complete the objective by any means necessary
-Forget Nothing