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Roberts Space Industries ®

The TLord Society / TLORD

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Exclusive
  • Exploration
  • Social

The TLord Society. A welcome retreat for weary explorers and travellers, located somewhere in the outskirts of the Verse. An old castle in the mountains of the forgotten planet Thamber. A place only known to friends, people we worked with and who we trust with our lives.


TLords was founded on January 2nd in 2001. You read it right, 2001. Our organization has always been about working together and about having fun and joy in every world we visit. Since 2012 we decided to head for Star Citizen, hopefully it will be our final destination. On our website you can read everything you want to know about The TLord Society

Thamber directions:
Set a course from the old Dog Star
A point to the north of Achernar;
Fare until, on the starboard beam,
Six red suns toward a blue sun stream.
Sleight your ship to where afar
A cluster hangs like a scimitar
Under the hilt to the verge extreme
And dead ahead shines Thamber’s gleam.


Our intentions? To be a group of gamers who dislike ego, powerplay and politics. We are here because we like this game. No more and no less. We do not want to be important, we do not want to rule the world. We want to stick out by being a friendly, helpful group of people who watch each other backs and help each other out when and where possible.


1. Big egos are not allowed in The TLord Society
2. No blackballing, discrimination and abuse
3. This is just a game, only come here when you have or made time for the game
4. When you have / made time please join our group to game
5. Do not give us a bad reputation, don’t be too touchy
6. Don’t show up if you are (too) drunk, stoned or drugged
7. It is about skills, not about the fleet you have got
8. Have fun, good luck and stay safe out there