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The Myrmidon Legion / TML

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  • Exploration

The Myrmidon Legion…

…Together unto the void.


The Myrmidon Legion

The Myrmidon Legion has risen from the ashes of forgotten space and worlds out of reach of any modern technology.

We as a legion have endured all manners of hell.

We have risen to explore new worlds and new sectors of space.

  • A beacon of light in the dark
  • A gate way to new places and worlds beyond any One mans dreams

We are the LEGION and we are the light in the Dark

TeamSpeak 3: or
Discord Server:

The Myrmidon Legion is a gaming community and originated as a Fleet in an old MMO, Darkspace. We are now active in multiple MMOs and also Host our own servers for games like Arma 3 as well as other games. We are always looking to recruit new members who want to work as part of a team and be part of a friendly community. Some of our members have known each other for more than 13 years! The owners of the community are older mature gamers and we have many members that are the same. We are here for Organised Fleet and team based Combat, Exploration and are friendly to all lawful gameplay, to play an organised game with use of strategy and tactics and to have a great time.

A word about our community…

“Greetings Fellow Gamers,

Welcome to The Myrmidon Legion (or ML for short).ML is indeed Challenger’s and my vision of a community of like minded gamers striving to redefine tactics and strategy in the games we play in. ML is not a clan, clans are just groups of like minded players. ML is a community yes, but we are also much more than that. We are a multi-game community, we are our own brothers and sisters of the online gaming world, and we are a legion of tactical gamers who instantaneously create a power shift on the battlefield . For that sole reason I refer to ML as a Legion and will never refer to it as otherwise. If you believe you have the fortitude and spirit to join our ranks then submit an application today.

Current games: Star Citizen, Planet Side 2, Darkspace, Arma 3 and many more.

AchillesLT2, commanding.”


We are a Legion sworn to explore the deepest regions of space and destroy any of our enemies we find. We are highly organized and very effective at utilizing tactics and strategy to accomplish any mission and adapt to any situation. We are the Legion and we will bring order to the chaos.


The Myrmidon Legion Fleet is a Lawful self-sufficent PMC organisation that focuses on Mercenary and Exploration Work. Operating from a number of bases the Fleet intends to be semi Nomadic making regular voyages throughout various systems.

We will be active in all lawful military and civilian operations.

We are a multi game gaming community and have a solid background in milsim games like Arma 3 where we run a successful 40k group called The Orbita Crusade (formerly 700th Cadian.)

Our Structure is Essentially Military with civillian elements where needed.

We are ‘Light Milsim’ – This means that we:
Follow Orders according to Chain of Command
Observe Communications discipline and use Brevity terms
Use Military Tactics and Strategy
Run Leadership Training Programs
Train our members to familiarise them with Military terms and Tactics
Observe and Promote a Rank system which provides authority at a cost of activity and responsibility
Host Serious Operations and Trainings
Also Host casual events where we just play and have fun.

We do not:
Fill out forms in triplicate
Nobody Calls anyone else ‘sir’
Nobody has to salute or roleplay military procedure.

We welcome members who MAIN with other Orgs

We welcome Roleplayers but are not a ‘Roleplay Org’

We focus on PvP and PvE Ops

You will NOT be kicked for inactivity.

We are a Multigaming Community and we welcome you to join our Wider Gaming Community and find out about the other games we are involved in. We run multiple discords focused on various multiplayer games around a main hub :

Myrmidon Legion Star Citizen Fleet Discord (TML)

Myrmidon Legion (ML) Main Gaming Hub

Arma 3 Warhammer 40,000 – ‘The Orbita Crusade’ Milsim Group (Formerly 700th Cadian)


ML Escape From Tarkov Group