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We lurk in the deep, dark black of space. Mostly so you can’t hear us poop….


The Midnight Mercenaries has been an organisation since 2004, started in Brisbane, Australia. Our core 5 members still lead us into the unknown today and are logged in almost ever evening.

If you have previously been a member of The Midnight Mercenaries in our other successful Oceanic organisations (WOW, LOL) and have joined Star Citizen, contact us today for a crew spot on one of our forward operations ships.

Our focus is on discovery and industry, running muticrew ships with support on tri-weekly search and cargo/savlage/mining missions. Our goal is to grow our fleet and our name within the game within Oceania. Our goal is a mobile hospital for hire or base building operations. We will also plan to settle on a moon or planet.


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?