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The Older Gamers / TOG

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The Older Gamers are members of a community for people that still enjoy playing computer games, but are in a bit of an older age bracket than the ‘stereotypical’ gamer. TOG is for gamers who (regretfully) can’t go out boozing every weekend, because we have partners, and are left at our PC’s playing games after a quiet dinner or putting the kids to bed. TOG is for busy workers who need to de-stress from their busy jobs by shooting a few players each night. TOG is also for people who have retired and find themselves with plenty of time to indulge a hobby of online gaming.

TOG is for gamers whose memories might go back to playing Pacman on an Atari 2600; gamers who had as much fun playing Pitfall on the C-64 as they do playing the latest games today – although the nostalgia junkies might still be running a C-64 a simulator somewhere on their PC. A lot of us who started their gaming addiction on those machines are still around going strong on all the latest games.

TOG is for gamers who are passionate about their hobby of PC games (particularly online multiplayer games), but who want to escape or separate themselves from the abusive, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour, usually attributed to younger players, that is so often encountered when gaming online.

We have found that it is simply a lot more enjoyable to play a game of Warcraft/Call of Duty/Battlefield 1942/PlanetSide etc., or to meet up in Star Citizen, with people you have something in common with. Eventually these people become a new circle of online friends, so you will be playing with and against people you know. Even offline TOG members often get together for LAN events, a night at the pub for a few beers.

This is exactly what TOG is about: a friendly, vibrant community full of PC gaming addicts from around the world, who are old enough to know how to enjoy ourselves properly!

Please note there is a minimum age requirement of 25.

For more information, please visit

Additional Information – TOG Fleet View


Vision: Ever looked up at the stars? Ever wondered what was out there in that huge, unexplored, dangerous vastness? Looking to meet up with others around the World, to form friendships that last a lifetime, to have fun? That is what we are looking for too and what we are about. No matter what your definition of the word fun is, you will find others of like mind. Welcome home.

Mission: In the Marines they have an expression, ‘no man left behind’. In TOG, we are Family and Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Hardcore, Casual, somewhere in between – all are welcome and all will find others to group with, have fun with and chat with. If soloing is your thing, set your Carrack for deep space and have fun. If grouping is your thing, join a squadron of fighters, Hornets, Vanguards and beat back the Vanduul menace. Not a fighter jock, hop in your Freelancer or Cutlass and venture over to the next star system and do some trading. Want to be part of the action but not in the furball, hop in your Cutlass Red, your Starfarer or your Reclaimer and support the good fight. Group with friends, scout out the unknown and report back your findings. Looking for some prospecting, hop in your Orion and head to the nearest virgin asteroid field. Tired from a long day in the ‘Verse, stop in at the local pub and lift a frosty one to your comrades in arms that live now only in your memories and tell a tall tale. Don’t like any of the above – What’s wrong with you


• Support the TOG Organization at all times.
• Have Fun.

• We only expect you to do the best that you can.
• Assist the Org and other TOG members whenever possible.
• Complete tasks consistent with the Orgs objectives either by yourself or as a member of a self-organized group.

• No drama
• No formal required practices or formation drills.

• Do no harm to other members of the Organization
• Do not start intergalactic space wars with your actions in Star Citizen or otherwise.
• Follow reasonable orders from superior Officers of the Organization.
• Answer all calls for assistance by Organization members to the best of your ability.
• We do not support or condone Piracy within our Org

Our current methods are:
• Forums at The Older Gamers Forums
• Discord (English)
• Spectrum

Command structure is preliminary and being kept preliminary so that it can be properly structured to best fit the finished game of Star Citizen. Rather than being reactive we have recognized that Star Citizen is a Work in Progress and are being proactive in making sure that command structure is malleable to fit the needs of TOG’s Division in Star Citizen.

The TOG organization in Star Citizen is a group of mature players that understands the Life/work/game balance. If you need to check out for a while we all understand the importance of that and encourage you to do so.