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- Pirate Network – Leaders only -



What is this?

In the 17th century, pirates, smugglers, buccaneers and all sorts of scum roamed off
the coast of the Caribbean. Even though they would kill each other on the open sea,
there was one place where they came all together. An island located north of Haiti.
Alongside Port Royal, this infamous island was the strongest outlaw port in the
Caribbean Sea. Because of it’s shape and almost impenetrable defense,
they named the island Ile de la Tortue, the spanish word for Turtle,
or better known as …


In that spirit we are building a safe harbour to provide a neutral communication platform for
all sorts of outlaw activities. To make one thing clear, this is not planed as a strict consortium
with binding agreements, but a loose pact of like-minded people. On the other hand, if you plan to
conclude an agreement, this is the place where you will find people like you.
Everyone decides to what extent he wants to participate.

To ensure equality, every verified outlaw leader is seen as an equal,
get insight to all the needed information and access to all areas. Tortuga does
not have any members on it’s own, just pirate organization leaders and officers.
Everything is debatable, nothing is off-limits.

Drink up me hearties yo ho