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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Official Space Force / TOSF

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Infiltration

Little bit of good, little bit of bad, little bit of both. Welcome to Space Force. o7

Founders Twitch Page:

Official Discord here:

**Must be +18 to join this org


Space Force, founded in 2018 under United States rule it has changed and adapted to 30th century space exploration. Over 900 years later we’re stronger than ever. We ditched the legalities and spreadsheets, and traded them in for explosions and adventure. We make the rules now. If you’re looking for group that loves having fun in the verse, you found it.


More than anything if we’re not going to have fun we’re not doing it. Here at Space Force we’re all about a good time. Who has time for spreadsheets and hours of mind numbing grinding? Nerds. Why be a nerd when you can be a Space Cowboy?

Activities Include:

- General PvP
- FPS Combat
- Dog fighting
- Bounty Hunting
- Battle Skirmishes
- Racing
- Trading
- Mining
- RP
- Shenanigans


Our one, and only character rule:

Don’t be a dick.