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The measure of intelligence and key to survival, is the ability to adapt.

Toxin is an organization that functions as a military group dedicated to freelancing & security, bounty hunting, as well as partaking in the trading and commerce world.


Toxin is an multi-game outfit/clan/guild/community originally formed in 2006 and oriented towards organized team-play.

In order for a fighting force to be effective, tactics and basic procedures must be established and adhered to. Following orders during group events is the most important element required for us to function as a well-oiled fighting machine. During “operations” and clan wide events, we organize and function as a military unit.

Toxin has a history in a multitude of MMORPG and FPS games. First-person shooter games such as the likes of Americas Army, Battlefield series (1942 to 4), C&C Renegade, Call of Duty, Planetside 2, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, Face of Mankind, Counter Strike series (1.6 to Global Offensive). A few of the MMO games we left a huge impact include Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings, Rising Force Online, DC Universe, World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and EVE, to name a few.

Among our gaming achievements include playing in Battlefield 2’s CAL Open and Invite leagues, TWL for both Battlefield 2 and America’s Army. As a result of our endeavors in the Cyber-Athletes Amateur League we were featured live on eSports.

Our end goal here is to have a fun time gaming, and the level of fun is correlated to the experience and quality of play of the members.


We feel that it is too early in the games life to determine what our intentions and motives will be. There is discussion of the following interests from majority of our members.

Bounty Hunting: A fairly self-explanatory concept, contracts that provide rewards for the acquisition of the target. Be it an inanimate object such as resources or equipment, or a specific wanted individual.

Commerce & Mining: There is heavy interest in the market and economy, thus a trading and commerce branch will part of our core structure.

Anti-Piracy: The lucrative business of procuring stolen resources and equipment, to either use and salvage, or sell to the highest price.



By being a member of the Toxin Clan/Outfit/Guild/Community, you have agreed to abide by the rules and principles stated in this Charter
Establishing a positive image in and out of game is a priority for Toxin.
You must treat your fellow members with the utmost respect
When communicating with others, be it on the forums or in-game, you are representing Toxin. Public image is key for creating a respectable reputation
Promoting a competitive environment is important. When talking to opposing factions remember to keep it competitive and positive, rather than belligerently blurting nonsense. This will be beneficial to your personal image, as well as Toxin’s
As a member of Toxin, you are not permitted to use any form of third party software for the purpose of hacking or cheating in and out of game.

1.1 Teamspeak 3 & Forum Etiquette

If you are in-game, you are also on Teamspeak 3
Toxin is a community comprised of individuals from various cultures, any insensitive or racial comments/slurs will be dealt with in the most severe manner, including possible expulsion from the outfit
Teamspeak 3 and Forum language is to be kept at a respectable level and any personal attacks towards others, be it outfit members or not, will result in the offender being penalized
If an Officer warns you to adjust your behavior or language, it will be your only warning

1.2 Teamspeak 3 Rules regarding Streaming & Recording

Live Streaming: All members of Toxin are welcome to stream their game play, however, you are not permitted to stream Teamspeak 3 voice chat; unless authorized by an Officer.
Recording: All members of Toxin are welcome to record their game play, however, you are not permitted to record Teamspeak 3 voice chat; unless authorized by an Officer.
IF YOU AUTHORIZED BY AN OFFICER TO RECORD TEAMSPEAK 3, you must denote in your nickname on Teamspeak 3 that you are recording. i.e. “USERNAME [Live Streaming]” or “USERNAME [Recording]”
Breaking any of the rules in this section (1.2) is a ban-able offence.


The ranks in Toxin Raiders come with authority and responsibilities.
Following orders during Clan/Outfit/Guild events is compulsory; disregarding a command from an Officer is insubordination and will result in disciplinary action.
If an Officer requires you to group-up and assist the Clan/Outfit/Guild whilst participating in an in-game event, you must do so.


Casual nightly play occurs during East Coast peak hours (7PM – 2AM EST). We are all friends on here, do not feel shy to jump into a channel and chime in.
Most of our members are on Teamspeak, as per required by the charter.

During operations and clan wide game-play, the communication on Teamspeak is set to a restricted level to allow concise and pertinent information to be transmitted and received efficiently.