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We are a like-minded band of pirates, outlaws and freelancers pioneering a high-profit renegade trading hub that leverages our individual talents and maximizes our profits.

The Brotherhood Alliance Discord Channel


During Earth’s 17th Century Golden Age of Piracy a band of lone renegades joined forces, crafted a mutually beneficial “Code of Conduct” and got down to business at hand. Through well-orchestrated raids and an array of nefarious trading activities, this Brotherhood profited greatly; so much so that they were able to not only amass a vast fleet, they were also able to finance their clandestine colony called “Libertalia,” (liberty for all). This real-life renegade settlement was strategically located on a hidden island off the coast of India and served as their base of operations. (Reference link:

Every member of the Brotherhood denounced the cock-and-bull party line of “earning an honest day’s pay” and not one would subordinate to being dominated by external forces. Their resistance however came with a price as the Royal Navy waged a brutal attack on their fledgling colony wiping out all but a handful of renegades.

Millennia later, the Brotherhood Alliance is reawakening within the genetics of their surviving descendants; renegade explorers and visionary partners who together will pioneer a lucrative renegade trading hub that yields them vast profits as well as abundant funds for establishing their own clandestine Libertalia colony!


Our Renegade Alliance is based on being “good sports.” We reject d#ck behaviors such as griefing, ganking and harassing. We’re Bad hombres but we aim to be good sports about it. If you seek ego-notoriety, hold grudges or are bent on getting revenge go somewhere else as this isn’t the alliance for you. Our Manifesto is composed of three key points:

Bad Deeds By Good Sports
We realize there is great profit in carrying out well-orchestrated collaborative raids, acts of thievery, smuggling, fencing, racketeering and other nefarious activities. We also recognize that every dastardly deed we commit has its own unique rewards and consequences. To this end we are dedicated to being good sports as we execute all our bad deeds. In our opinion the way to have Star Citizen be a fun experience for everyone is to keep good sportsmanship in mind as we pillage and plunder.

This good sport sentiment extends not only to our allies and alliance partners, but to our enemies and those who oppose us as well. (The Vikings for example allowed their captives to die with their sword in their hand, Native American Indians always blessed the animals they killed, and even Alexander the Great ordered his men to dig graves and bury those they slaughtered on the battlefield.) Whether we win or lose, are beaten at times or are victorious, we pledge to give it our best fight and be good sports about it as we do so.

Brotherhood Code of Conduct
We abide by a Code of Conduct, best practices we use for guidance during times of challenge and stress. An example is offering our targets the option to surrender before lethal attack, refraining from griefing, ganking and acts of revenge. These bad sport behaviors are not acceptable in our Alliance. (See our Charter for details.) Honoring these best practices isn’t a moral “care-bear” choice, rather it ensures maximum profits by decreasing liabilities such as UEE retaliation, negative crime stat ratings, loss of liberties at ports of call and loss of suppliers and vital support services due to bad reputations.

Respectful & Collaborative Relations:
As renegades we are a wicked and self-serving lot, but we are also respectfully collaborative in that we are guardians of support for one another as well as for other members of the renegade community who show us respect. We respect those who show us respect and squarely address those who do not. When we do encounter conflicts, we strive to resolve them directly and with integrity which means dealing straight up and addressing issues responsibly rather than talking behind people’s backs, spreading rumors, harassing or attempting to destroy reputations.


Our Brotherhood members and alliance partners abide in our Code of Conduct, best practices we rely upon to help us be good sports, especially during challenging and stressful times. These conduct guidelines pertain not only to our in-game behaviors but also to forums such as Discord, Spectrum, TeamSpeak and others. Our Code is made up of three parts, a Statement of Intent, Three Key Agreements and Five Lore Categories.

Our Brotherhood Code was crafted by hundreds of renegades over many months. They are not laws or rules but rather guidelines for promoting profitable renegade gameplay as well as for ensuring a fun experience for all SC players. You are not required to comply with these guidelines or to replace your individual organizations manifestos with them as everyone is free to make their own choices . . . as long as they are willing to accept the consequences.

We recognize that it is in our best interest to keep our word with one another, with our suppliers, vendors, clients and even neutral renegade factions. Our bond is to maintain our reputation as “dark” yet trusted allies with all those we conduct business with or partner with.

Random acts of griefing, killing or harassment are discouraged. We pledge to be good sports while executing bad deeds. Disablement rather than lethal attack or destruction of valuable assets is our preference, unless our surrender terms are not met, we are fired upon first, or we are at war.

Disagreements are inevitable, but disrespect is not. We pledge to resolve our differences straight up and respectfully no matter the severity. Rather than gossiping or back-stabbing, we agree to go directly to those we have issues with and do our best to resolve them.

Our five renegade lore categories are as follows, (with only Pirates, Outlaws and Freelancers accepted in our Brotherhood Alliance):

1. Griefers – Those who derive pleasure from harassing players for no other reason than inflicting pain and suffering. (These behaviors are not acceptable and griefers are not welcome in our Brotherhood Alliance).

2. Marauders – Those who lethally attack without warning and with no offer of surrender beforehand, possibly for purposes of reputation or notoriety. (This style of gameplay is valid but we feel it is a liability for profit. Marauders are also not welcome in our Brotherhood Alliance.)

3. Pirates – Those who value profit over bloodlust and offer targets a chance to surrender. Attacking is acceptable only if fired upon first or during times of war, (e.g. UEE and Vanduul battles.)

4. Outlaws – Those whose criminal actions are not limited to thievery but may also include black marketing, racketeering, drug dealing, smuggling and other nefarious profit-making activities.

5. Freelancers – Those who operate with stealth and deal with both sides of the law; neutral parties, working for profit and teetering on the fence that divides lawful and unlawful activities.

If our best practices are something you can honor, feel free to apply to our organization. By joining TPBL you not only become a member, you also become an “Alliance Trader” on our Discord server, as well as a candidate for being one of our exclusive “Trade Magnates.” Trade Magnates have command over an entire area of renegade trade activity. Such activities include but are not limited to Smuggling, Racketeering, Raid Coordination, Ammo and Supply Logistics, Drug Trafficking, Racketeering, Data Running, Security & Escort Services and more.