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“Libertalia,” is our call for freedom as we encourage ALL our dark allies to embrace a “Piracy Code” that will optimize our separate and collective profits and unify our renegade community.

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During Earth’s 17th Century Golden Age of Piracy a band of lone pirates joined forces, crafted a brotherly “Code of Conduct” and got down to business at hand. “Honorable collaboration” proved to be a lucrative approach to pirating. In short order the Brotherhood seized enough booty to finance their goal of building their dream colony, “Libertalia.” This real-life renegade settlement was strategically located on a hidden island off the coast of India and served as their base of operations. Reference link:

As self-serving as pirates can be, this particular lot was surprisingly noble. Not only were they united by their common desire to sack the rich and powerful, they aspired to establish a safe haven where they could dock their solo gunships and live and work together in relative peace. After all, how much fun can it be to live aboard a ship with a gang of skanky sailors who are forever on the run and have nowhere to indulge in their plundered fortunes?

Aye mates, every member of the Brotherhood has denounced the cock-and-bull party line of “earning an honest day’s pay” and not one would cow-toe to such a mediocre lifestyle. Their resistance however came with a price as the Royal Navy waged a brutal attack on their fledgling colony wiping out all but a handful of pirates. Millennia later, the dream of Libertalia is reawakening within their surviving descendants; renegade explorers who rally around the same Code of Conduct and call for Liberty. And much like their ancestors, The Pirate Brotherhood of Libertalia dreams of collaborating with all their pirate brethren so together we can maximize our profits and construct our Pirate Colony, Libertalia! – Captain-Kidd


Our Pirate Brotherhood is a growing band of renegades who know they don’t exist in a vacuum. Every choice, raid and kill we execute has its consequence and its rewards. We choose to engage in acts of Piracy with both “Wicked Conviction” and “Noble Conscience.” The “Wicked” speaks to our dark nature, our defiance against domination, unwillingness to live in mediocrity, and desire to take from the rich and give to the . . . uh, well ourselves!

The “Noble” speaks to how we go about acting upon our Wicked and the means by which we unleash it. Nobility includes a measure of conscience, consideration and compassion even for one’s enemies. (The Vikings for example allowed their captives die with their sword in their hand, native Indians blessed the animals they killed and even Alexander the Great ordered his men to dig graves and bury those they slaughtered.) These are our Wickedly Noble intentions, motives and views:

A Manifesto of “Wicked Nobility”
This contrarian Manifesto empowers our members to pioneer a “Pirate’s Code of Conduct,” a unifying yet highly diverse set of agreements that ALL pirates can live and pillage by. Such a Code, because it is Noble in the sense of being inclusive rather than exclusive, has the potential to unify pirates and their orgs from all around the (Ad)Verse. Every renegade who honors such a Code will be stronger, more resilient and more interconnected with the entire pirate community. As a democratic directive, the agreements we make will help us all to plan and execute our raids in a way that maximizes our profits and minimizes our expenses. (e.g., To ambush a defenseless freighter and kill its captain and crew is not only cowardly, it evokes UEE intervention, which negatively impacts the viability of ALL pirates.) Here is our stab at “Wicked Nobility.”

We Are Dedicated To Our Brotherhood:
The twisted reality among the stars is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer . . . and yet both are enslaved in their own way. The rich, no matter how much wealth they hoard, feel it’s never enough. And the poor, no matter how downtrodden they become are too apathetic to do anything about it. But no matter how much booty we of the Brotherhood acquire, we never forget that the rewards of liberation are not measured by the size of our fortunes, but rather by the magnitude of our brotherly (and sisterly) dedication to one another, to remaining free and to adding value to ALL piracy orgs.

We Fly Together For Freedom & Profit:
We fly together for the purpose of reducing the UEE’s power base (both military and civilian alike) through the systematic reduction of their vital resources which includes cargo, ships and valuable blade data. Rather than rape, kill and destroy for no reason our philosophy is to engage in “honorable piracy,” taking what we want while doing so with discernment. (This means we will never raid small-time citizens just trying to make a living, but rather the rich whales who are clearly supporting the Imperial Cloud of Control Kingdom, (iCock).

We Maintain Honor Among Thieves:
As pirates we are a wicked and self-serving lot, but we are also noble in that we are guardians of support for the entire pirate community and protectors of the common people’s rights and liberties. We fly together to take from the rich and give to the . . . well ourselves. But rather than mindlessly killing and destroying others, we engage in “noble piracy;” the act of reducing our target’s dominance, wealth and power by relieving them of their resources rather than their lives. This nobility also includes being respectful and collaborative rather than combative with other pirates, pirate orgs and factions, as well as with our suppliers, customers and vital ports of call.

We Host “The Pirate’s Helm: Council For The Code”
We are currently spearheading a democratic-driven campaign to craft a “Pirate’s Code of Conduct.” The “Pirate’s Helm” is a cadre of volunteer council members who represent many pirate organizations and many more selfish interests. Their charter is to pioneer the Code’s specific agreements, guide the debate, gather suggestions and formulate final drafts for vote by the community. If you are interested in serving on The Helm Council go ahead and apply now.

We Are Bankrolling The Pirate Colony Libertalia:
We of the Brotherhood will establish a safe haven where we can dock our solo gunships and live and work together in relative peace. Our clandestine colony, (perhaps hidden on the out regions of “The Coil”) will also serve as a base of operations for not only our Brotherhood organization, but for all those pirates and pirate organizations scattered across the Verse who share in upholding the Pirate’s Code of Conduct.


As a “Brotherhood” we abide in our forefathers “Pirate’s Code of Conduct,” which is a unilateral set of agreements shared by many pirate organizations not only eons ago on planet Earth’s golden age, but now and here in the vast reaches of the Verse.

We are Pirates first and foremost and we are free to do as we like. The following agreements represent the collective efforts and general gameplay we will all abide by. The Code is not intended to be a mandate, but rather guidelines of conduct that not only benefit us as a piracy community, but help promote fun and rewarding gameplay for the entire Star Citizen community.

We keep our word with all our agreements, which includes one another, our suppliers, ports of call providers and even non-pirate factions.

Random murder, griefing and harassment are discouraged. We pledge to be “good sports” while executing “bad deeds.” Disablement rather than destruction is a more encouraged approach.

Disagreements are inevitable, disrespect is not. We pledge to resolve our differences respectfully, which may or may not include the use of lethal force. In the rare case a dispute is so disruptive it stretches outside our organizations, a neutral third party arbitration is encouraged.